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How To Connect Bluetooth Keyboard To Mac?

You can connect bluetooth keyboard to Mac so that you can sit back and work without any constraint of being wired to your device. The Bluetooth keyboard does not deactivate the default Mac keyboard, and so you can use either of them. Continue reading to learn how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Mac device.

Pairing Bluetooth keyboard & Mac:

  • Check the keyboard’s user manual and enable Bluetooth on it so that it becomes discoverable to the Mac computer.
  • Now, on your Mac computer, click the Apple menu on the upper left corner of the menu bar and select System Preferences from the list of options.
  • Once the System Preferences window opens up, select the Bluetooth icon to turn on Bluetooth in the system, after which the pairing window appears and you can connect bluetooth keyboard to Mac.
  • If the Bluetooth feature is turned off, then click the Turn on Bluetooth button below the huge Bluetooth icon on the right panel.
  • Wait and see if the keyboard name shows up in the Bluetooth pairing window.
  • Select the Pair or Connect button beside the keyboard name and follow the system prompts. In most cases, the system displays a passkey, which you have to enter on the keyboard to connect.
  • When the system indicates “Paired” next to the keyboard’s name, it signifies that the keyboard is successfully connect bluetooth keyboard to Mac

Troubleshooting the Bluetooth Keyboard issues:

  • Whenever the Bluetooth keyboard connection becomes unstable or when you cannot connect it to your Mac, consider the following solutions.
  • Go to the System Preferences window and open the Keyboard panel.
  • Make the necessary keyboard settings and save the changes.
  • Disconnect the other devices connected to the Mac and retry to establish the Bluetooth connection.
  • If you had connected the Bluetooth keyboard earlier on the Mac device, first remove it and then try to connect the Bluetooth keyboard once again.
How To Connect Bluetooth Keyboard To Mac

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