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How to Connect Any Wireless Printer to your Mac?

Any printer needs a properly configured Wi-Fi network to establish a wireless connection. You have to note the network name and SSID of the network to which you are to connect your devices. The document will guide you with more information to connect your wireless printer to Mac.

How to Connect Any Wireless Printer to your Mac

Easy Guidelines For Connect Any Wireless Printer to your Mac System

The Quick Steps to Connect the Printer to Mac Devices

  1. Choose your printer from the list, eg, select Brother machine.
  2. Turn on the Brother printer and plug it to the power outlet.
  3. Use a USB cable and connect your Brother machine to your PC.
  4. If you are wired network user then, connect the network cable and the hub.
  5. Click on the Apple menu and navigate to System Preferences.
  6. Find Print & Scan option or other similar icons.
  7. Click the ‘+’ button.
  8. Choose your printer and Click Add button.

Learn How to Connect your Printer to Mac Devices

  • There are many applications available through which you can connect your printer to Mac. Read the document to understand the basic connection procedure for printers like Canon. Use the Canon Easy Wireless connect option to set up the printer to the computer.
  • Navigate to the control panel of your printer and tap on the link icon. Tap Yes, when the screen asks you to confirm the connection to a computer. Once the printer completes its preparation, it displays the following text “Follow the instruction on the computer, etc. To perform the operation.”
  • It takes some time for the computer to detect your printer. At this stage, you have to download and run the setup. Go to the website an click on the driver download button. Open the Downloads location and identify the setup file with the extension, .dmg.
  • Click Next. The setup will try to install a helper tool, and you have to enter the User Name and password. Click Install Helper. In the next screen choose Start Setup. The screen will have two more options like Useful Software that shows how to download software using which you can get most of your machine. The another button is for the user manual.
  • On clicking Next, you can see a disclaimer like content, read it carefully. Choose Region Next. Read the License Agreement and click Yes to agree. In the next screen, you can set the Connection Method. Click Adda Printer and choose your printer for connection.
  • As you click Next, the screen prompts you to do a test print. Click Next, and you can complete the setup. The screen will list you the software to install if you need to choose the additional software for your printer. The installation process depends on the network environment.
  • The Next screen contains instructions to set up the printer to a smartphone or Tablet. It is possible for you to register your printer so that you receive news about new updates for the printer. Pick Create Shortcut radio button, if you want the software driver icon on the Desktop.
  • The screen will display acknowledgment text on successful software installation. Click Exit and the installed window is closed. I am sure by following the above-detailed procedure you can set up your Brother and Canon to Mac PC.
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