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How to Connect an Xbox Controller to your PC

How to Connect an Xbox Controller to your PC, you can follow three different ways. The USB setup requires a USB cable/charging cable (based on the device). For a wireless setup, you need an Xbox wireless adapter if the device isn’t inbuilt with the Wireless Adapter feature. Irrespective of the method you follow, make sure that your system and controller are updated.

How to Connect an Xbox Controller to your PC

Easy Guidelines For How to Setup an Xbox Controller to your PC


The steps discussed here will help you in connecting the Xbox controller to your PC via Bluetooth.

  1. Check the plastic around the logo to know if the device is Bluetooth enabled.
  2. Launch System Settings and select the Devices link.
  3. Verify if the Bluetooth option is enabled. If not, turn it on.
  4. Locate the Guide button on your controller and press it.
  5. Press the Sync button and hold it until the logo starts blinking.
  6. Move to your PC and choose the Add Bluetooth or other device option in the Bluetooth interface.
  7. Add your controller and complete the pairing process.


How to Connect an Xbox Controller to your PC is very easy and it can be done in multiple ways – Wireless, USB, and Bluetooth. The PC gaming adventure becomes more happening and lively with the Xbox Controller.

To connect the Xbox controller to your PC wirelessly, the device should be inbuilt with wireless adapter technology, or you need to purchase a wireless adapter separately. A Windows 10 computer supports eight controllers simultaneously, in case the controllers are present with Xbox Chat Headsets, you can connect only 4 of them. For Windows 7/8, four controllers are supported and the headsets are not compatible.

Insert the Xbox Wireless Adapter into an available USB port of your PC. Wait until the system recognizes the external device connected to it. Once the notification appears, start to connect your Xbox Controller.

Remove the Xbox controller from the package and tilt the device to look for the Guide button. A white cross symbol (Xbox symbol) will be present on the button. This helps the users recognize it easily. Keep pressing the button until the controller turns on.

Locate the Sync or Connect button. This small button will be present on top of the unit. Release the button after the Xbox logo flashes. Now move to your system and have a look at the adapter plugged in. You will find a small Sync button on it. Press that. Look at your controller while pressing the Connect button on the adapter. Release it once the light on the controller stops flashing.

You can also connect your Xbox controller via a USB cable. A charging cable can also be used to establish the connection setup in case of a wireless controller. For a wired controller, you have to insert the plug-in end of the controller cable into the port of your PC. Make sure that the firmware version on your device is the latest one. If not, update them. For more guidelines on How to Connect an Xbox Controller to your PC connect with our website.

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