How to Connect a Mouse to a Mac

You can connect a mouse to your Mac device in two different ways. One of the methods is by using the Lighting-to-USB cable, and the other method is through pairing.

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How to Connect a Mouse to a Mac

USB Cable Lighting

Using the Lighting to USB Cable

  • Locate the cable spot on your mouse.
  • Insert the lighting part to your mouse and the USB end to the Mac device.
  • Now, switch on your magic mouse.
  • The Mac device will automatically detect your mouse and start pairing.
  • Wait for the mouse to charge. Once the mouse is charged fully, disconnect it.
  • To use the magic mouse, you have to disconnect it from the device.

Connectivity Using Bluetooth

  • Enable the Bluetooth option on your Mac device.
  • Switch on your magic mouse.
  • Now, locate and click the Apple icon on your Mac device.
  • Select System Preferences Mouse Turn On Bluetooth Continue Pair.
  • Wait for your Mac device to pair with the magic mouse.
  • Once it is done, click the Quit icon available on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Now you can operate your Mac device using the magic mouse.
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