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How to Connect a Mac to a Projector With HDMI

To project what you see on your MacBook to an audience, you need connect the MacBook to a projector as per the step-by-step guidelines mentioned here on how to Connect a Mac to a Projector With HDMI.

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How to Connect a Mac to a Projector With HDMI

  • The essential component used to establish a connection between the MacBook and the projector is an HDMI cable.
  • Ensure that the MacBook is turned on.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the MacBook.
  • Now, plug the other end of the cable to the rear side of the projector.
  • Plug the projector’s power cable to the power source.
  • Find the Power button on the front panel of the projector and then press it. This will power up the projector.
  • To customize your MacBook display settings, refer to the instructions provided below.
  • Go to your MacBook and click the Apple log on the left corner of the screen.
  • Once you have chosen the System Preferences option from the Apple menu, select the Displays option followed by the Detect Displays option.
  • If you have selected your projector, select it from the appropriate drop-down menu.
  • Click the Arrangement tab and select the checkbox next to the Mirror Displays option.
  • If required, select the checkbox beside the ‘Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available’ option.
  • If you need to adjust the color of the projector display, navigate to System Preferences Displays Color Projector.
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