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How to Configure a VPN on Android

VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures a secure connection over a network. When a user connects his device to a public network, his details may be hacked by tunneling. To avoid such mishaps, VPN was introduced. You can set up this network an Android device also. Carryout the steps below How to Configure a VPN on Android mobile.

How to Configure a VPN on Android

Quick Guidelines For How to Set Up a VPN on Android

How to Configure VPN on Android Automatically?

  1. Ensure that your Android mobile is connected to the internet.
  2. Find the VPN Proxy app on Google Play Store.
  3. Ensure that the app is compatible and secure.
  4. Open the VPN Proxy app on your Android mobile.
  5. Provide permissio to install the app and then configure it on your Android system.
  6. Provide your device’s unlock password to configure the VPN automatically.
  7. Wait until the VPN app establishes the connection.
  8. Check internet connectivity if there is any issue.

What is the Method to Set Up a VPN on Android Manually?

A VPN Service Provider account is required to connect the device to a network. Power on your Android device. If you have locked your mobile phone using a password, try to unlock it. In some instances, the user may have provided a finger lock, unlock it to start the setup process.

You can see the settings option in the list of applications displayed on the mobile screen. Tap Settings and touch More under the Wireless and Network menu. If the VPN option is displayed in the network list, tap on it.

The next step is to include the VPN profile to the list. For that, you need to tap the ADD VPN Profile icon. If there is any other version for your Android mobile, tap the + sign located at the right-hand corner.

You need to provide all the necessary settings and information in the VPN settings. The information includes the destination, server, and IP addresses. Contact your network administrator to know about your VPN details.

Choose the desired protocol such as L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec and mention the required information. Click Save. After saving it, all the information about How to Configure a VPN on Android with settings will be available in the list.

Select a PN of your choice from the VPN Settings menu. Provide the username and password if prompted. Enable the VPN icon to activate it. A green icon indicates that the connection is established.

Now, open the web browser on your system. Search for My location on Google to check your privacy. You can turn off the VPN connection after use.

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