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How to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead?

You need to maintain your printer so that it does the job better. Clean the printer parts and make sure that dust does not settle. You have to remove the ink stains from the print head to avoid clogging. Read the below-given quick steps and detailed procedure to clean HP Inkjet printer heads.

How to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead

Easy Guidelines For Clean your HP Inkjet Printer

The Simple and Easy Steps to Clean your HP Inkjet Printer

  1. Use the HP Toolbox application on your Windows PC.
  2. Look for HP Inkjet utility if you are using Mac computer system.
  3. Click on Start icon or press Windows key on the keyboard.
  4. Go to All Programs and select HP toolbox from it.
  5. Navigate to Printer services tab and click Clean Printheads.
  6. Based on the printer model the application will display instructions.
  7. Follow the on-screen guide and clean the printhead.
  8. Prefer manual cleaning if automatic cleaning did not give you the desired result.

The Detailed Procedure to Use the Applications for Cleaning HP Inkjet Printheads

How to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead

Clean the printer heads of your HP printer and keep it away from dust. Printer maintenance plays a vital role so that the performance of the printer does not get degraded. If the printhead gets clogged the quality of the print will not be as expected. If you are full-featured driver then, the software itself does the job. If you experience streaks and uneven colors on your prints better clean it manually. You have to take the printhead out from the printer, clean it by handling it gently and reinsert the printhead. Power up the printer and lift open the cartridge access door. Separate the cartridges from the printer, place it over a piece of paper with its opening facing upward. The cartridges should not be kept out for more than half-an-hour as that might damage the cartridge as well the printer. Unlatch the handle on the print carriage. Wait until the carriage stops moving and becomes silent. Take the printer head out by holding it on the sides.

You have to concentrate on three areas of the printhead to clean they are, the plastic ramps of the ink nozzle, the electrical contacts, and the edges between the nozzles. Note that the electrical contact and nozzle should not be exposed to bare hands and use only the cleaning materials to have contact. Before you start cleaning, gather all the requirements for cleaning like lint-free cloth, distilled water, cleaning liquids, etc. Wipe the electrical contact area using the lint-free cloth, and you should dampen it lightly on the distilled water or boiled water. Clean the ink settled on the electrical contacts and clean it until the cloth does not carry ink stain on wiping. Use a fresh cloth to remove debris from the edges of the nozzle. Clean the printhead ramps too. Once cleaned with distilled water, use a dry lint-free cloth and wipe the printhead.

How to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead
How to Clean HP Inkjet Printhead

Next, clean the electrical contacts inside the HP printer. The cleaning process is the same as described above, follow the same procedure and complete cleaning. Now, load printhead back into your HP Inkjet printer and lower the latch so that the printhead is locked into its position. Slide in the ink cartridges and push it further so that it fits into its seat. Close the access door and restart your printer. Do a test print and check if the printer is able to deliver quality prints. You don’t need to clean the printhead often but, maintain it so that the ink does not get clogged. If the above method is followed, you can flawlessly clean HP Inkjet printer heads.

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