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How To Change My Netflix Region Without A Vpn?

Do you want to change your Netflix region? But, if you don’t have a VPN or don’t want to use it, then continue reading this page to know more about the same.

NOTE: We will also explore the ways of watching restricted content and how to change your Netflix region using a VPN towards the end of this page.

How To Change My Netflix Region Without A Vpn

Netflix is one of the best and most loved streaming platforms across the globe. It allows its subscribers to watch their favorite content via a mobile phone, smart TV, streaming player (Roku, etc.), and a gaming console like Xbox that is connected to the internet. Netflix’s content is streamed in many countries. Among them, the United States boasts the largest number of Netflix libraries. Streaming content using your valid/active Netflix subscription is simple and straightforward.However, users receive some errors like “Whoops, something went wrong,” “Streaming error,” etc., while streaming content.

These errors mostly occur when the user tries to access some restricted content in their region. However, you can fix these kinds of errors and continue streaming your favorite content by understanding the proper information we have provided on this page.

Watching restricted Netflix content

“Is it possible to watch restricted Netflix content?”

YES, you can watch restricted Netflix content by changing your region/country. You can do this using a VPN. But, if you don’t have a VPN, you’ve to use an alternative way.

Without a VPN

In case you want to access restricted content on Netflix without a VPN, use the proxy service. But, it doesn’t encrypt your data and is insecure because your IP address is unhidden when using it. Also, one important thing is that you can’t access the Netflix content of the different regions if you don’t use a VPN with the proxy service. So, it is better to use the VPN to change and access the Netflix content that is restricted in your country/region.

You can also use a Smart DNS proxy to change your Netflix region without a VPN. However, the proxy service configuration method requires a bit more technical knowledge. 

Is it legal to use a VPN to change the Netflix region and watch content in it?

YES! It is completely legal. But, you have to ensure that the VPN connection is unrestricted in your country because in some countries (for example, Russia), the VPN connection is restricted. So, better confirm and then use it.

Even if using a VPN is against the Netflix rule, it is not illegal.

With a VPN

If you wish to change your Netflix region with a VPN, follow the simple instructions below.

  • Initially, create a valid Netflix subscription and sign in to it.
  • Next, install a VPN software or app on your device.
  • Open the app.
  • Choose the country that has the content you want to watch.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to change the region/country.

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