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How to Change HP Envy 5020 Ink?

By using the instruction here, you can learn how to change ink in the HP Envy 5020 printer. If the cartridge is running on low ink or the print quality is compromised, you need to replace them with a new genuine ink cartridge. Understand the steps and complete procedure given below how to Change HP Envy 5020 Ink.

How to Change HP Envy 5020 Ink

Quick Guidelines For How to Change HP Envy 5020 Ink

Simple Steps to Change Ink for HP Envy 5020 Printers

  1. Verify that your HP Envy device is in an active state.
  2. Stuff any plain white paper into the input tray of your Envy printer.
  3. Rise up the cartridge access door till it gets hooked into its spot.
  4. Release the ink cartridge by pushing it out from its position.
  5. Unpack the new HP 304 ink cartridge from its packet and remove the protective tape.
  6. Carefully slide in the cartridge until it gets locked perfectly.
  7. Similarly, insert the second cartridge too.
  8. Bring back the access door to its position and wait for the alignment page prints.

A Detailed Summary on How to Change Ink in HP Envy 5020 Printer

The HP Envy 5020 printer supports HP 304XL Black & HP 304XL Tri-Color ink cartridges. You can to change the ink cartridge if the printer software alerts you for low ink level.

It is essential to replace the old cartridge with the new HP genuine ink cartridge or HP Instant Ink. You have to register your Envy printer in HP Instant Ink service, to gets ink delivered before the old cartridge dries of completely.

You may require an supportable HP printer, a network connection, and back cards for payment. Before that you need to confirm that if HP facilitates easy ink delivery for your printer. Go to the HP Instant Ink website and select the country & preferred language from the drop-down list given. You can pick any best Ink subscriptions

that fits in your budget. Once you enrolled your printer, the HP observes the ink level, and for that, your printer should be on an active internet. The cartridges are expressed automatically when the printer passes printing the number of pages defined in the monthly plan.

You take the replacement ink before the cartridge is completely dried off. The advantage of HP Instant Ink is that they have bigger cartridges and thus lasts high when associated with standard cartridges.

To install the cartridge, make sure your HP printer is on and fill it with a plain white paper. Using both hands lift the cartridge access door until it is locked into a position. The carriage should be left uninterrupted until it becomes silent and moves to the center.

Lift and push the lid towards the back and pull the ink cartridges up. Carefully lift the new ink cartridge from the package and peel off the protective tapes. Slide in the cartridges one after another and push it gently into the slot until it gets locked into the position.

Pull the cartridge lid down to secure them. You can now close the access door of the cartridge. The printer will recognize the replacement of ink and prints an alignment page. The last step is to align the cartridges to do so, slide in the cartridges with scan side down and close the lid. Touch OK, and the cartridges gets aligned now.

If the printer does not align automatically, navigate to control panel and tap on the Settings icon. Select Tools and then choose Align Printer. Follow the explanation detailed, you can how to Change HP Envy 5020 Ink.

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