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How to Cancel Print Job on HP Printer

You can cancel any print job that is pending or in progress from your Mobile phone, computer or, from the printer itself. You can cancel the print job from the control. Depending on the printer’s model the procedure may differ.

how to cancel print job on hp printer

Quick Guidelines For How to Cancel Print Job on HP Printer

The Quick Steps to Cancel the Print Jobs from the HP Printer

  1. Press Cancel button on the control panel of your HP printer.
  2. Press Stop if the printer’s display shows you the print job.
  3. Go to the taskbar of your computer and locate the print icon.
  4. Click on the icon and select the print job to cancel.
  5. Search Windows for Devices, if you cannot find the icon.
  6. Click Devices and Printers and locate your printer from the list.
  7. Right-click on tour printer and select “See what’s printing.”
  8. Cancel the print queue and the print job by selecting it.

The Elaborate Steps to Cancel the Print Jobs on the HP Printer

The document contains detailed content on how to cancel print jobs on HP printers. If your control panel has Cancel button, you can click on it to cancel the print jobs.

For a printer with a touchscreen panel, tap on the Stop or Cancel button to terminate currently running print job. The print job can be canceled from the computer from which you have sent a job.

The Windows system will have a print icon in the taskbar. Click on the icon and select the print job to cancel from the print queue. If you cannot find the print icon, you can cancel from the control panel of the HP printer.

Search for Devices and Printers and identify your HP from the devices. Right-click on the printer icon and See what’s printing. Select the print jobs and cancel the same. In the Mac system, when you begin a print job, the icon appears on the Dock.

You can select the print job by clicking on it and cancel the selected one. If the Dock does not have the print icon, go to System Preferences and click Print & Scan. Choose your printer and Open Print Queue to select and cancel the print jobs.

When you can print from mobile phones, you can cancel print jobs from them too. When a job to print is sent from an Apple iPhone or iPad, the app list displays the Print Center using which you can monitor the print jobs.

The Print Center is automatically closed once the job is complete. You have to press the Home button on your Apple product twice and tap on Cancel Printing in the Print Summary menu.

If you are using an Android phone, you can print either through HP Print Service Plugin or from HP ePtint app. In the HP Print Service Plugin, swipe down the to view the ongoing print jobs from the notification panel.

Tap Cancel after selecting the print job you want to cancel. In the home screen of the HP ePrint app, tap on the Notification icon and tap ‘X,’ and hit Yes. The on-going printing will be stopped. I am sure the above procedure will give you an answer for the query “How to Cancel Print Job on HP Printer.”

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