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How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive?

Data is the brain and heart of any enterprise. It is essential to protect those data against corruption, natural disasters, accidental loss of user data, and hardware failures. Follow the below steps how to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive.

how to backup mac to external hard drive

Quick Guidelines For How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive

Quick Steps to Back up a MAC to the External Hard Drive

  1. Format the hard drive of your mac OS.
  2. Connect the new hard drive to your mac.
  3. Launch the Disk Utility located in the Applications.
  4. Select the hard drive that you want to reformat. All the drives of your mac will be displayed in Disk utility.
  5. Select the drive that you want to erase in the Disk Utility window.
  6. You will be asked to pick a new map scheme or a new format now.
  7. Head over to security options: Select the Security Options and ensure the drive is set to write over past data.
  8. After choosing the security option, click the option Erase and Confirm. The drive will be formatted.

The Elaborate Steps to Back up a MAC to the External Hard Drive

The first step is to Connect the external hard drive. Use the USB cable or USB-C cable if you are using the latest Mac model with Thunderbolt 3 ports. Which comes with your external drive to connect that drive to your mac. If the disk icon doesn’t open, click the option open – Finder – Preferences-General and check that you have checked the external disks to let them display on a desktop. The Disk icon will appear.

The second step is to Select the disk for backup. Open Time Machine and ensure it is turned on. You can find the Time Machine option in System Preferences which is located in the Dock. Under the heading Select Disk, choose the hard drive for backing up data. If you had formatted correctly earlier, there wouldn’t be an issue in selecting the drive.

The third step is to Confirm backup (optional). Time Machine will display a prompt asking whether you want to stop backing up the previous disk if you have used another disk for backup before or use the new one instead. Select the one option you want to backup.

The fourth step is Wait until the process is completed. After selecting the disk, the Time Machine will start to backup all your data. You can find a progress bar on display showing an estimation of how much time is remaining before the backup is complete. The estimated time might be wrong at times. As it varies to a case to case depending on the speed of your external hard drive.

The fifth step is to Eject your external drive and Unplug it on the completion of the backup process. Don’t be in an urge to disconnect your device as the will cause potential disk problem. Rather, go back to the main desktop, find the volume that your external hard drive represents. Right click it and then select the option Eject. Now carefully unplug the device and place it in a safe place.

Follow the above steps for How to Backup MAC to External Hard Drive Guidelines.

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