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How Does Roku Work Without Cable

Roku is a device which streams media shows from the internet to your Television. The setup procedure of Roku without the cable is easy to perform. Follow the simple steps for How Does Roku Work Without Cable Connection.

How Does Roku Work Without Cable

Easy Guidelines For How Does Roku Work Without Cable

Quick Steps to Setup Roku Without Cable

  1. Connect your Roku box or Streaming Stick to your TV.
  2. Power on the TV.
  3. Choose your language.
  4. Get a wired or wireless network access. If you are using a Wi-Fi device, it will search for all available networks, select yours and enter the Wi-Fi password.
  5. Key-in the code number to activate Roku. By using your Laptop or PC, go to Roku.com/ Link. Type the code as instructed.
  6. Now create your own username, password, address information, and card details.
  7. Usually, Roku devices don’t charge you, but those details are collected if you want to purchase additional subscriptions if needed.
  8. The Home menu will appear and you are ready to use Roku.

The Elaborate Steps to Use Roku Without Cable

After connecting the Roku device, power on your TV. The Roku power up page, with its logo appears. Select your language, region from the Roku menu system. Connect the Roku TV Stick or box to the network router for internet access. The Roku Streaming stick uses only Wi-Fi even though the Roku box provides both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options.

The Roku device will search all the available networks if you are using a Wi-Fi option. Select the preferred network and enter the Wi-Fi password. After the network connection is established, you will see a prompt for software and firmware updates which is available. Allow Roku to update the process. The Roku remote will work immediately. If it requires pairing, you will see a notification and instruction on your TV screen.

If you have a Roku Enhanced Remote which is provided for certain Roku devices, the Check Remote Settings will be displayed automatically. Now set the remote to control the power and volume of your TV. Now create the user name, password, and account for yourself by signing in to Roku’s sign up page. After the account is activated, you will see a message on the screen displaying All Done, and you can now enjoy your Roku.

Roku has some additional and optional setup procedures which allow you to use your Home theater as well. Go to the Select Home Use option, click Set up for home use to adjust its settings according to the lighting environment at home. It has a smart guide which has a feature of over the air TV channel listed along with streaming channel app listing. You can navigate using the remote to list your favorite content from the streaming channel app as well. You are allowed to play from the beginning and pause or resume the content you view whenever you want. You can even start content from a specific point. Go with the above steps to use the How Does Roku Work Without Cable.

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