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How Do I Update the Firmware on My Dell Printer?

How Do I Update the Firmware on My Dell Printer, download the latest version of the printer firmware from the Dell site and install it on your computer. Firmware updates are specially developed to upgrade the printer features and regularize the printer functionality. Get your printer firmware up to date to get the most out of your Dell printer.

How do I update the firmware on my Dell printer

Quick Guidelines For How Do I Update the Firmware on My Dell Printer

Steps to Update the Dell Printer Firmware

  1. Switch on your Dell Printer and computer.
  2. Set up a network connection on the router and then connect both the devices.
  3. Open the Dell website to download the updated firmware file.
  4. Type the Printer model name or Service tag in the search space.
  5. Choose your computer Operating System and its version.
  6. Check the Category column and find the firmware file.
  7. Click the Download option to start downloading on your computer.
  8. Install the updated firmware file on your computer.

Procedure to Update Dell Printer Firmware

Download and install the updated printer firmware to get the updated printed features and regularize various printer functionality. Dell printers always recommend updating printer firmware periodically.

Initially connect your computer and Dell printer to the router network connection. Set up a network router connection, and then connect your printer and computer to the same network connection. After setting up a successful network connection, open the web browser on your computer.

Browse Dell Drivers & Downloads website in a new tab. Type your printer’s service tag in the search box to view a list of printer models. If you are not aware of the service tag, click the View Products option and then click Printers. Pick your printer model name from the search result.

Under the Operating System drop-down list, choose your computer operating system and its version. After that, check the Category column and click the Firmware file. If none of the firmware files are shown, then choose the next latest version of Operating System and find the firmware file.

Click the file name that is with the term Firmware in its title. Click the Download option next to that file name. If the computer prompts you to save the file, save it to your computer. Be patient while the downloading process occurs. Open the downloaded driver file from your browser download path, right-click on it, and then select the Run as Administrator option.

Now the User Account Control window appears on your computer screen. Click the Yes option and then proceed to further installation steps. The Dell installer prompts with various installation terms and usage conditions. Accept all the conditions and usage terms to complete the installation successfully. For more guidelines on How Do I Update the Firmware on My Dell Printer connect with our tech team.

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