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How do I Find the IP Address of my Dell Printer?

To find the assigned IP address for your Dell printer, print a System Settings Page from your printer or directly view on your printer operator panel. Locate the Internet Protocol (IP) address under Network title in the System Settings page.

How do I Find the IP Address of my Dell Printer?

Quick Guidelines For How do I Find the IP Address of my Dell Printer

The Easy Steps to Locate Printer IP address

  1. Ensure that your Dell printer is active.
  2. Click the Menu Button on your printer.
  3. Press the Up and Down buttons to locate the System option.
  4. Press the Tick button to select the System option.
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  6. Locate and select the Admin Menu.
  7. Select the Network option.
  8. Press TCP/IP option and then press IPv4 to view the IP address on your control panel.

Procedure to Find the IP Address of your Dell Printer

Connect your Dell printer to a steady alternating current source firmly and turn it on. Open the main paper tray and load some papers into it. Install the ink cartridges and check that the ink level is normal.

Move to your printer operator panel. Press the Menu button on your printer operator panel. Press the Up and Down arrow keys to locate the System and press the Tick button. After entering into the System menu, find the Admin Menu option from the list of options. Press the tick key to enter and select the Network option.

Select the TCP/IP option from the Network menu. In the TCP/IP menu, there are two options – IP Mode and IPv4. Select the IPv4 option and press the tick button. Now your Dell Printer displays its IP address and Subnet Mask address on the operator panel. Press the Get IP Address option. From the list of choices, select the Panel option. Now the operator panel displays a message as This Setting Becomes Effective after Restart. Press the Back key.

The IP address currently shows as Select that option to edit the IP address. Set your IP address as Go ahead and set up the Subnet Mask as and Default Gateway as After editing the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway, restart your Dell printer to confirm the changes.

Wait until the printer shows the Ready message. Click the Menu button and then select the System option. Select the Report / List option from the System menu and press the tick button to enter. Click System Settings and wait until the process completes. Find the System Settings page print out on the printer output tray. Check the IP address on the printed page.

Enter the Internet Protocol address of your printer in the address bar of your printer and access into your Dell Printer Embedded Web Server. Locate the TCP/IP menu from the Print Server Settings tab. If you need to edit the IP address, set your IP Address Mode in the Manual mode from the drop-down list. After setting up your changes, click Apply New Settings to save all your settings. Click the Restore option to restore all your printer settings to default factory settings.

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