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How do I Connect the Dell Wireless Printer

To connect the Dell wireless printer to a computer quickly in a few simple steps, read this article. Set up a network connection on a wireless router and then connect your printer and computer to the network. Download and install the driver software and then complete the wireless setup.

How do I Connect the Dell Wireless Printer

Quick Guidelines For How do I Connect the Dell Wireless Printer

The Easy Steps to Connect Dell Wireless Printer to a Network

  1. Turn on a network router and the Dell Printer.
  2. Link your router with a broadband network connection.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the printer and computer.
  4. Turn on your computer and connect to the network.
  5. Open Wireless Setup Utility and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Click the network name on your printer and type the password.
  7. Select OK or Continue to complete the wireless connection.
  8. Remove the USB cable when your computer instructs to do so.

Procedure to Connect your Dell Wireless Printer to a Network

Connect your Dell wireless printer to a stable power source through a power cord. Plug the power cord firmly into the socket. Press the On/Off switch on your printer and wake up your printer from the inactive mode. Turn on your computer or laptop. Install the ink or toner cartridge and then load a pile of paper into the paper tray.

Turn on the router and connect it to a broadband connection to access the internet. Make sure the broadband connection has high-speed internet access to download driver software, install printer updates, and upgrade the firmware. If the internet connection is slow, some error may occur while connecting or printing.

Pair your computer or laptop and printer using a USB cable which is in a proper working condition. Connect your computer with the router network connection. Search your computer for the Wireless Setup Utility option and click it. Follow the prompts and proceed with the Yes or OK option.

At the same time, access your printer front panel. Now the printer starts searching for the list of available networks. Make sure that you have placed your printer and computer within the range of the router network. The printer displays the list of all the nearby networks in the search result. Click on your router’s network name and enter the network passphrase to connect your printer to the network.

Return to your computer and click the OK or Continue option when the Allow Dell Software screen appears on a new window. When your laptop instructs to remove the USB cable, unplug the cable from your computer and printer.

In some cases, the search result may not display the network name on the screen. At that time, click the Unlisted Network option, enter your network name manually, and then tap Continue. Choose the type of Network Security used to protect the wireless network and then click Continue. Enter the security key on the new Allow Dell Software screen appears to connect your printer to the network.

After connecting your printer and computer to the internet successfully, browse the Dell site on your web browser. Enter the model name or printer series in the search box and find the printer driver software that suits your printer model. Install the driver software on your computer and when it prompts to select the connection type, choose the Wireless Connection option and complete the network setup. Proceed with further installation instructions to complete the driver installation.

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