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How do I Connect the Dell Printer to my Computer

Read the document below to get the answer on “How do I connect Dell printer to my computer?” If you have a Dell network printer, you can establish a wireless connection. If not, use the Standard Wired method and connect your printer to the computer.

How do I Connect the Dell Printer to my Computer

Quick Guidelines For How do I Connect the Dell Printer to my Computer

The Easy Steps to Connect the Dell Printer to your Computer

  1. Plug in the Dell printer’s power cable into the wall outlet.
  2. Press the Power button to make the printer active.
  3. Go to Start and then choose Control Panel.
  4. Find Printer from the Hardware & Sound option.
  5. Click Add a printer —> Add a local printer and then choose “Use an existing port” and click OK.
  6. Go to the Manufacturer’s tab and then select Dell.
  7. Pick the model number and click Next to install the printer software.
  8. Click Next — > Finish and complete the process.

The Elaborate Procedure to Connect your Dell Printer to the Computer

Learn how to connect your Dell computer from this section. You can set up the device using “Common UNIX Printing System” (CUPS) on your Linux computer. Before installing the printer driver, ascertain that your operating system is up-to-date.

Visit the Dell Drivers website and download the driver that is suitable with your platform. Extract the files, select Applications —> System Tools. Choose Terminal and type the administrator password.

Select the file path of the setup file. The printer driver is now installed. If your printer’s package includes a setup CD, you can use it to connect the devices. Establish a wireless connection to the Dell printer and the computer, verify that they rely on the same network.

To begin installation using setup disk, close all the programs currently running on your system. Mount the disk into its port, locate the “setup.exe” from it and click on it. The instructions displayed on the screen guide you to complete the process.

Now, the connection between the devices is done. If your Dell printer supports wireless connectivity, you can connect them over a wireless network. You don’t need to use CD or surf the websites to download.

Obtain a quality USB cable and connect the Dell printer and your computer. The computer detects your printer and new hardware setup wizard appears. When you click OK, the drivers and other desired tools are downloaded automatically.

Click Finish when the screen shows you the message on completing the installation. The Dell printer and the computer should be connected to the same network. From the control panel of the printer, go to Network Settings and identify your network name from the list.

Enter the security password and click OK to establish the wireless connection on the Dell printing device. I am sure the above explanations will be sufficent for you to connect your Dell printer to the computer.

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