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How Do I Connect My Wired Printer To My Wireless Router?

To change your printer wireless from a wired connection, set up a wireless network on a router and connect your printer to the network connection after entering the network SSID and the security password. Add your printer to the computer and then download the driver software. Given Below step by step instructions for How Do I Connect My Wired Printer To My Wireless Router.

How Do I Connect My Wired Printer To My Wireless Router

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Procedure to Change Wired to the Wireless Connection on your Printer

  1. To set up a wireless network connection on your printer, turn on a network router. Connect the router with a WLAN cable or modem to get fast internet access. After connecting to the network secure your router network connection with a network SSID and security passphrase. Also, obtain a USB cable to connect your computer and printer.
  2. Make sure that the printer, computer, and router are powered and functioning properly. If you have already connected your printer and router via Ethernet cable, disconnect the wired connection. If you are connected via USB cable, unplug the USB cable from your printer and computer.
  3. Press the WPS button on your printer, if your printer and router devices support WPS push button method. Within one or two minutes press the WPS button on the router. Now both devices connect automatically. Most devices may not connect when WEP or no security password is used. It is important to set up WPA or WPA2 security password before setting up the WPS connection method.
  4. If WPS button is not available in any of the device or WPS method does not work out, then connect your printer and router via Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer control panel. Make sure your network connection is secured. Go to the Setup or Network menu on your printer control panel.
  5. From the Wireless Settings menu choose the Wireless Setup Wizard or Network connection option depending on what displays on the operator panel. Hold back until the printer searches for the available nearby networks. Tap or choose your printer name from the search list.
  6. If your Network name is not found while searching, then see a manual option to enter your network SSID manually. When it prompts to enter the WPA or WPA2 security key, type the password and then tap OK or Continue. Now your printer connects to the network. To ensure the network connection, print a network test report. Check whether the connection status is Active or Connected on the report. If not then retry the connection settings.
  7. After connecting to the network, go to the printer manufacturer site and search for the printer driver file. Locate and download the file to your computer. Follow the instructions and install the application on your computer. When it asks to select the connection type, choose Wireless method and then pair the computer and printer using a USB cable to complete the wireless connection setup.
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