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Google Home Devices Setup

Google Home Devices Setup is a speaker and voice assistant that can be controlled easily. You can connect it with any smart device and control them from a remotely. It can be your personal assistant at all times. You can play music, manage tasks, and ask Google any question. It will answer your questions after optimizing the search results. The device is available in several colors. It has a touch display and a speaker that can play songs and answer questions. The display has various options that will allow you to adjust the volume, start up the assistant, and control your smart home devices.

 Google Home Devices Setup

Easy Guidelines For Set up your Google Home Device With Android

Write Quick Solutions For How to Setup Google Home Device

  1. Attach the power cord’s one end to the Google Home and the other end to the wall power supply.
  2. Turn on the power source, and the LED lights on the top of the speaker will start blinking.
  3. Download the Google Home app on your phone and install it.
  4. Choose the setup option from the Discover tab.
  5. Touch Yes to set up the device.
  6. Tap Yes if you hear a tone after your device connects successfully.
  7. Select the speaker with the help of the name of the room.
  8. Associate to the Wi-Fi network by entering the required credentials and start using the device.

Write Detailed Solutions On How to Set Up Google Home Device

The initial step of the process is to unpack the Google Home device and place it on your table.

Attach one end of the power cord to the Google Home device and the other end to the power supply.

Unlock your Android device and navigate to the Google Play store.

Search for the Google Home app.

Select the official app from the list of results displayed in the next screen and download it.

After installation, open the app on your Android device.

When the 1 Device Found message appears on the Discover screen, choose it.

Select the Yes option to start the setup process.

Upon a successful connection, a sound will be played by the Google Home device. Tap Yes to begin using the device.

On the Data Sharing screen, tap Yes if you want to share your data with Google. Else, select No Thanks. Collecting data will improve the performance of Google Home Devices Setup.

Select the room in which you are going to place your speaker. Key in a name for your Google device. It will respond only to that name.

Tap the Next option and then connect to a wireless network of your choice. Enter the credentials if asked for.

Touch Next in the Google Assistant’s introduction page and then choose the I Agree option in the Voice Match window.

Select the I Agree or the No Thanks option when Google Assistant aks if you want to enable Personal Results.

Specify your Residential Address and confirm it in the next screen that appears.

If you want to link any music accounts that you have, you can tap the + icon to sign in and associate your account.

Choose your Default Music Service and select the Yes option.

Link any video accounts if you want to. Tap the Continue option to go through the Demo.

Take a look at the sample commands displayed on your screen and select the Finish Google Home Devices Setup option.

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