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Free SD Card Recovery Software 2019

We store our data in an SD (Secure Digital) card. Data related to photos, music, and documents are saved in the SD card. Due to human or system error, the data may get deleted. There are some basic steps and software apps used to recover that data.

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Free SD Card Recovery Software 2019

Easy Guidelines for Recover Free SD Card Data

Quick Steps to Recover Free SD Card Data

  1. Remove the SD card and re-insert it properly.
  2. Get your Software installed. Download the setup program from a specified website.
  3. Click the Install option to install the program to a local drive properly.
  4. Select proper option – Click the option – This PC – Removable Disk Drive.
  5. Scan the SD card.
  6. First, look for the drive that stands with your SD card deleted files.
  7. Choose the file and click the Scan option to scan.
  8. Check the files to be recovered. Browse through the files, mark the ones you need to recover and then click Save option to save those files retrieved.

The Elaborate Steps for Free SD card Software 2019

  • There are many apps or software to recover data from the SD card. The best software apps are Stellar photo Recovery, Remo Recovery Media, Easeus photo Recovery, Disk Doctor Photo Recovery, and Photo Rescue. The best among these apps are the Stellar Photo Recovery app.
  • The Stellar Photo Recovery App can restore the files from all scenarios such as deletion, formatting, reformatting, corruption, and virus infection. The Stellar Photo recovery App restores photos, videos, and audio files placed in DSLR, CCTV, drone, and dashcam with their original name, date and time stamp. It also supports SD card files recovery from top brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, Sony, DJI, Netgear, and Parrot.
  • It has several user-friendly features like the flexibility to stop and save the scan. The scan information allows us Resume the recovery any time. The steps to use Stellar Photo Recovery App are as follows. First free download the Stellar Photo Recovery App to System, Mac, or Phone. After the download, launch the Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  • Check the following details: All Multimedia Files in What to Recover window. Click the Option Next. The software will display the multiple files, Select the one you want to recover. The scanning process begins. You are given the option of stopping this process at any time and resuming the recovery later.
  • A list of found photos, videos, and audio files will appear. Turn on the Preview option, preview them and click Recover. If you can’t find the required media files on the list, choose the Deep option for advanced scanning of the memory card.
  • In the dialog box, select the destination to save the recovered videos. Click the option Start Saving. The Software will save the recovered files at the chosen destination though the Stellar Photo Recovery Software is quick in recovering deleted photos, music, and videos.
  • The turnaround time to finish the scanning process depends upon the capacity of the storage drive.
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