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Does the Windows error 0x80070005 bother you very much? We have solutions to fix this Windows update error. By using them, you can fix it all by yourself. The 0x80070005 error occurs when you update Windows or install a new program. Sometimes, it is encountered by the users if they don’t possess full access permission for certain files. Follow the troubleshooting methods given here to resolve the windows update error 0x80070005 in no time.


Allowing permissions

  • On your computer, launch the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys.
  • Enter C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData in the field and click OK.
  • Input the drive where Windows is installed in place of C: and the username in the place of USERNAME.
  • Right-click on the App Data option and select Properties.
  • Click the Security tab and then choose Edit.
  • Click on the Add option.
  • Type Everyone and select Check Names –> OK.
  • Now, select Everyone and give Full control under Permission for everyone.
  • Click OK.

Reboot your system and then check if everything is working fine.

Check for malware and viruses

  • Several reports state that the 0x80070005 error may be caused due to malware and viruses. These malware and viruses can delete or corrupt your system files, i.e., Windows Registry.
  • So, scan your device for malware and viruses and remove them immediately. Make sure that your system is virus-free.
  • After clearing the viruses from your system, restart and install the Windows updates.

Run the Windows troubleshooter

  • The Windows troubleshooter is an integrated tool to solve minor Windows problems.
  • Follow these instructions to fix the 0x80070005 error.
  • Press the Windows + I keys on the keyboard to launch the Settings app.
  • Go to the System menu and click Troubleshoot followed by Other troubleshooters.
  • Find Windows Update and click Run opposite to it.

Run System File Checker

The Windows System File Checker helps you scan and fix corrupted files. Carry out the following instructions to execute an SFC scan.

  • On your computer, type command prompt in the search field and then select Run as administrator.
  • Input sfc /scannow in the Command Prompt window.
  • Tap Enter on the keyboard.

If the SFC scan is executed successfully, you will not get the error code again. We hope you can fix the windows update error 0x80070005 with our troubleshooting methods. After resolving it, your system will work normally.


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