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Best External CD Drive For Laptop

Most of the modern laptops come with a CD-ROM drive. You can use this drive to install software using a setup CD. But to burn a disc, the CD-ROM drive doesn’t help. So, here comes the external CD Drive into play. There are different types of CD drives available in the market. If you’re looking for the best external CD drive for laptop, then scroll down this page.

Five Best External CD Drive’s For Laptop

  • HP F6V97AA#ACJ External USB DVD-RW Drive
  • Asus External Slim DVD-RW. 
  • Dell DW316 USB DVD RW Drive
  • RTS external CD drive
  • Techno Hight external DVD drive
Best External CD Drive For Laptop

HP F6V97AA#ACJ External USB DVD-RW Drive

This external CD drive works without a power adapter and offers many features like media editing, M-Disc compatible, media back-up, and storage in a plug and play compact accessory. The disc burning speed of this drive is high compared to other external drives. Fast disc erasing, writing, and rewriting are the other highlights of this external CD drive. Visit the HP store to purchase this drive. You can also purchase this drive from online retail stores like Amazon.

Asus External Slim DVD-RW

Next to HP F6V97AA#ACJ External USB DVD-RW Drive, the Asus external Slim DVD-RW drive isone of the best external CD drive for laptop. This is a lite weight drive and compatible with Mac and Windows 8 OS. Features offered by this drive are listed below:

  • Disc Encryption double security with password
  • Drag and burn the desired content in 3 simple steps

Visit your nearest retail store or online shopping site to purchase this drive.

Dell DW316 USB DVD RW Drive

You can use this external CD drive with a USB port. The pre-loaded CyberLink Media Suite is used on this drive to make the disc burning process simple. You don’t require batteries or power cords to use this drive because it is a premium, external optical drive. At the same time, you can’t use this external drive as a DVS player for TVs.

RTS external CD drive

The RTS external CD drive only requires a USB port to function. That means, you can just connect this external CD drive for laptop. Once the Drive has been detected by your computer, it is ready for use. This drive allows you to record CD, music, video, install software, and create a CD/DVD backup disc. The CD drive exhibits stable performance, fast data transfer speed over a USB 3.0 high-speed interface. Visit the Amazon store or any other trusted online store to purchase this product.

Techno Hight external DVD drive

This external CD drive is easy to use; you can just plug and play it as and when you require. The RW burner available on this drive allows you to watch DVD/CD movies without any break. It is supported on Windows XP, 2003, Windows 8, Vista, 7, Linux, and Mac 10 OS. Above all, high speed, efficiency, and more stable are the features that make this drive preferable by many. This drive comes with 2 cables.

  • Power cable
  • Data cable

It is necessary to connect both the cables into the drive while connecting it to the desktop. There are so many other external CD drive for laptop available. Based on your need and compatibility, select one and purchase it from a reliable manufacturer.

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