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Error Message uo43 – Canon MP830

The error message u043 in the Canon MP830 printer denotes a problem in the printhead of the device. This error causes the printhead to malfunction, thus resulting in print failure. The error can be rectified by carrying out a printhead reset operation. The following steps to resolve the issue immediately.

Error Message uo43 - Canon MP830

Easy Guidelines For Canon MP830 Error Message uo43

How to Resolve the Error Message uo43 in the Canon MP830

  1. Turn on the Canon MP830 printer and tap on the Open button.
  2. Once the output tray opens, lift the scanner compartment.
  3. Wait until
  4. the printhead moves and reaches the replacement position.
  5. Lookout
  6. for the inner cover and open it.
  7. Press
  8. the tab on the ink tank to remove the tank from the slot.
  9. Open
  10. the print head lock lever to open access the printhead.
  11. Tilt
  12. the printhead towards you and pull it out of the compartment.
  13. Remove
  14. the printhead and clean it without touching the nozzles or circuits.
  15. Place
  16. the printhead back into the compartment, push it and lock it inside.
  17. Re-insert
  18. the ink cartridges and ensure the red light glows. Close all the doors and try printing again.

Detailed Solution to Error Message uo43 in the Canon MP830 Printer

Ensure that the Canon MP830 printer is turned on and is online. Look out for the Open button and press it. This will open the output tray in the printer. Ensure that all the paper in the output tray is cleared.

Locate the holder and pull up the scanner compartment. Locate the lever and make the scanner compartment stand upright. The printhead starts moving from left to right.

Wait for the printhead to stop making noise and come to a stationary position at the center. If the printhead fails to come to the center, close the scanner compartment and re-open it.

Pull out the inner cover that is present inside the printhead. This gives access to the ink tanks present in the Canon MG830 printer.

Press the tab on the ink tanks to them one after the other from the lock. Pull out the ink tanks carefully from the carriage after removing the lock. Ensure proper safety while handling the ink tanks to prevent your clothes or valuables from soiling.

After removing the ink tanks, release the printhead lock lever to get access to the printhead in the carriage. Now slowly pull out the printhead from the slot.

Gently tilt towards the front and slide it up carefully and remove the printhead from the compartment. Ensure that you are not touching the electrical contacts and printing nozzles of the printhead.

Carefully clean the printhead with a lint-free cloth to avoid damages to it.

Place the printhead back to the compartment and push it inside until you hear the lock sound. Reinstall the ink tanks into the printhead compartment. Ensure that the red indication lamp on the ink tank glows, ensuring proper installation.

Close the printhead cover and lower the scanner compartment to the normal position. Try printing again from the device. If the issue is still prevalent, contact our technical experts for further assistance.

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