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Doxie Scanner Not Found

Doxie is a rechargeable portable wireless scanner that helps you scan a document easily and quickly. You can use this scanner even without a computer or mobile app. But, at the same time, you can use it from your computer or phone using the Doxie app. To do so, first, you have to install the Doxie app on your computer or phone. After installing the app, connect the scanner and your device to the same network, and scan a document of your desire. However, there are some issues encountered by the users while using the Doxie scanner to perform the scan operation. This page explains how to fix the “Doxie scanner not found” issue. If the Doxie app fails to recognize your Doxie scanner that is connected to the computer using a USB connection, try the simple troubleshooting for wireless scanner solution given below.

Doxie scanner not found solution

Solution 1: Turning on the Doxie scanner

As said above, the Doxie app helps you add the scanner to your computer or mobile. But, while doing so, the Doxie app sometimes fails to recognize the scanner connected to the computer or device. To resolve this issue, check whether the Doxie scanner is turned on.

  • When the scanner is connected to the power outlet, it does not turn on automatically.
  • If the circular amber light is displayed on the scanner, then it means the scanner is charging.
  • To turn on the Doxie scanner, hold down its Power button for a few seconds or until the rectangular light turns solid green. 

If the Doxie scanner not found (recognized ) by the app even after it is turned on, then try the next solution given below.

Solution 2: Connecting the scanner to your computer

If your Doxie scanner is not connected to your computer properly, then there is a chance for these kinds of issues like Doxie scanner not found to occur. 

  • To verify that the connection is formed properly, check if the USB cable between the scanner and your computer is connected securely. If not, unplug and reconnect the cable. Basically, when the scanner tries to connect to your computer, its rectangular LED light starts to flash. 
  • If the rectangular LED light is not flashing, then check whether the USB cable is damaged or broken. Replace the cable if you find any damages to it.

Alternative Solutions to solve issue related to Doxie scanner not found

  • Make sure that you are using the USB cable that is recommended by the Doxie scanner manufacturer to avoid scanner not found issue.
  • Restart your computer if necessary.
  • Check whether the connected scanner is displayed in the Connected devices list on your computer. If not, perform the necessary steps to fix it. 
  • Try a different USB port to connect the scanner to your computer. 
  • Check if your computer OS meets the system requirements of the Doxie scanner. If not, connect the scanner to a different computer.

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