Doxie Go Se Wifi Setup

Doxie Go SE is a portable photo scanner that has built-in wireless networking technology. Using this scanner, you can sync scans wirelessly to your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad. By default, Doxie Go SE creates its own Wi-Fi network for connecting the devices. If necessary, you can also connect your Doxie scanner to your home or office network. To know more about the Doxie Go SE Wifi setup, continue reading the steps below.

Doxie Go Se Wifi Setup

Connecting your Mac to Doxie’s own Wi-Fi Network

  • Turn on your Doxie scanner by pressing and holding down the Power button.
  • Next, turn on Wi-Fi by tapping the back button.
  • When the Wi-Fi is ready, Doxie’s light turns to slow white flash from blinking.
  • If Doxie’s light turns solid white, then you might have accidentally turned on the advanced mode. In such cases, tap the Wi-Fi button to turn it off. Once again, tap the Wi-Fi button to turn on Doxie’s Wi-Fi.
  • On your Mac, turn on Wi-Fi and select the Doxie scanner name from the list of network names.
  • If prompted, enter Doxie’s network ID.
  • Once your Mac is connected to Doxie’s network, download the Doxie software from the official Doxie Go SE site.
  • Launch the Doxie app and select the Wi-Fi tab in the Preferences window.
  • Click the Configure button and select Add Network.
  • In the web browser that is launched, click the Configure Doxie Go Se Wifi Setup button.
  • Now, you can see a list of networks in the range below Currently Available Networks.
  • Choose your network and enter the network name and password.
  • Click Connect and wait for Doxie to detect your Mac.
  • The LED on the Doxie Go SE scanner will flash twice.
  • In the Doxie app, click Continue.
  • To verify the wireless connection, scan a test document remotely from your Mac.

If you are stuck during the Doxie Go SE WiFi setup, click the Call button on this page for expert assistance.


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