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Dell V313W Wireless Setup Without CD

The document given below gives you detailed information for setting up the Dell V313W printer without CD. The Dell printer is an All-in-one that can perform print jobs wirelessly and do the basic setup. Refer to the document and complete the process.

Dell V313W wireless setup without CD

Easy Guidelines For Dell c1760nw Wireless Setup Windows 10 System

The Quick Steps to Wireless Setup on the Dell V313W Printer

  1. Go to the site and download an appropriate driver that suits your OS.
  2. Connect your Dell printer to the computer via a USB cable.
  3. Wait until the drivers and hardware are installed automatically.
  4. Click Continue when the New Hardware Wizard window appears.
  5. Choose the options from the Product registration screen and click Continue.
  6. Get back to your PC and click Start —> All Programs.
  7. Navigate Dell Printers — > Dell Printer Home.
  8. Click Wireless Setup Utility, Add a printer and connect to the wireless network.

Procedure to Connect Dell C1760NW Printer to a Network

Before you begin the setup, you have to unpack the Dell V313W printer from the packaging. Remove the protective tapes from the internal parts of the printer. Insert the cartridges by following the instructions and click Continue.

Make sure the device is on and a solid green light is lit. In the control panel of the printer, set the preferred language on the control panel of the printer. Once the basic setup is done, you can connect the printer to the computer via a USB cable.

Initially, you can install the devices using a cable and then establish the wireless connection. The Dell printer and the computer are linked together. The drivers will be installed and they automatically take you through the procedure.

If you can see the New Hardware Wizard window, click Continue and add the device. Choose the desired options on the Product registration screen.

Click Continue and then Finish. Now, press the Start button on your keyboard and go to All programs. Choose Dell Printers and then click on Dell Printer Home. If you can find the Settings tab, click on Wireless setup utility.

Select Continue when the User Account Control window appears. Click on Add a printer, the printer searches for nearby network and its results are displayed on the screen. Choose your wireless network’s name from the list and click Continue.

When the screen prompts, enter the security key. You have to verify the settings and click Continue. Now the printer is configured and connected to the wireless network. The Allow Dell Software window appears, read the instructions and click OK.

You can complete the process by following the instructions. If you cannot find the network name, you can type it manually, enter the security key and click Continue. Remove the USB cable connected to your Dell printer and computer and then click Finish.

The setup process is complete. I am sure the procedure given above will be sufficient for you to set up the Dell V313W wireless printer.

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