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Dell c1760nw Wireless Setup Windows 10

To Dell c1760nw Wireless Setup Windows 10, all you need is to gather the essential information required for the process. The Wireless Setup Wizard helps to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network. Go with the instructions on the printer’s control panel to perform the setup.

Dell c1760nw Wireless Setup Windows 10

Easy Guidelines For Dell c1760nw Wireless Setup Windows 10 System

Steps to Connect Dell C1760NW to a Wireless Network

  1. Switch your Dell C1760NW printer and computer to the active condition.
  2. Set up a router network with broadband Internet connection.
  3. Protect your network with a security passphrase and network name.
  4. Press the WPS button on your hold it for at least two minutes.
  5. Connect your computer to the same router network.
  6. Locate and click the Network option on the printer and then find your network name.
  7. Enter the security passphrase to connect to the wireless network.

Procedure to Connect Dell C1760NW Printer to a Network

Connect your Dell C1760NW Color printer and Windows 10 computer on a wireless network in some simple and quick methods by going through the below article.

Turn on your computer and Dell C1760NW printer. Connect a wireless router to a broadband connection. Secure your router network connection using a wireless network name and a security passphrase. Also, connect your Windows 10 computer to the wireless network connection.

Click the wireless icon on the below taskbar. Click your router’s network name from the network setup sidebar. Click Connect and then type the security password when the network setup prompts. Once your Windows 10 computer connects to the network, connect your Dell C1760NW printer to the network connection.

Be attentive to connect your printer and computer to the same network connection. Pair your Dell C1760NW and Windows 10 computer with a USB cable. Search your computer for the Wireless Setup Utility option and open it. When the Windows Setup Utility application opens, follow the prompts shown on your computer screen to launch the app.

Place your computer and Dell C1760NW printer within the range of the router network. When the application is launched, printer searches for the list of nearby networks. When your printer shows the search result, click on your network name and tap Continue. Enter the security password when the printer prompts.

Click the Continue or OK option when the Allow Dell Software screen appears. Decouple the USB cable when the printer instructs to do so. If the network name is not listed in the search result, click the Unlisted Network name option. Type the network name and then tap Continue. Enter the password to connect to the network. Now your Dell C1760NW printer is also connected to the network.

When both of your devices are connected to the network, connect to the Dell support site to download the latest driver file and install it on your computer. Also, upgrade the printer firmware to the most recent version. If the Wireless Setup Utility application does not work out, try the WPS PIN method to connect your printer to the network.

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