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What is Deleted Data Recovery

Deleted data can be recovered and restored with the help of software and tools that are available on the internet. Data recovery is something where we can recover the deleted files from the local folder. Download the data recovery software and install it. Open the software and select the file or folder for which the data needs to be recovered. Use the tool to retrieve the data that was deleted permanently from the location. This software will scan for the deleted files, and it will restore the lost data from it.

deleted data recovery

Best iPhone deleted data recovery software

Aiseesoft FoneLab – It is a full-featured iPhone data recovery software program which is designed to retrieve files from the iPhone. Data that has been lost from iPhone, iPad, iPod can be extracted by using this software.

iMobie phone rescue – This software helps us to retrieve 22 different kinds of data that have been lost on your iOS device. This will recover and restore it to the computer. The software is also capable of troubleshooting the iOS device.

Wondershare Dr.Fone – this will help in tracking the lost data from the iOS devices. iCloud backup can also be taken with the help of this software.

Deleted Files Data Recovery Software Free Download

Simple Steps on Deleted Files Data Recovery Software Free Download

Data recovery software is available for free, and they can be downloaded from the internet.

  1. Data recovery is done with the help of recovery software that are available online.
  2. Some of the famous software that helps us to recover data is Recuva, pandora recovery, PC inspector, and active undelete, and so on.
  3. Anyone among these can be used to recover the lost data from the computer.
  4. Install the software from their respective websites.
  1. There are both paid and unpaid versions available on their sites.
  2. Read the software reviews of all the software before installing them.
  3. Check for the permissions asked by the software.
  4. Do not download software from websites that do not have an SSL certification.
  5. Click on the download.
  6. Read the permissions and then install them.

Deleted data recovery software free download full version

Deleted data can be recovered by using a data recovery software. Follow the instructions carefully to recover the deleted data.

  • Google search for data recovery software.
  • Search the results page for Recuva data recovery software.
  • Open the web link of the Recuva software and download it.
  • Download the correct version of the software.
  • This software can recover the deleted files on the computer.
  • The next best free software for data recovery is Puran file recovery.
  • It is used to recover any files that have been lost accidentally.
  • Search for disk drill software which is also one of the trusted software to recover the deleted or lost files on the computer.
  • All these above software abre is available for free.
  • They can be downloaded from their website.

Delete Data Recovery App

There are many data recovery software that is available for mobile, and computer platforms. These accidentally deleted files can be recovered quickly.

How to download and use data recovery app

  • Data loss can happen when we transfer files while removing the memory card, resetting of devices, and accidental formatting.
  • Open Google play store.
  • Search for data recovery on the search bar.
  • Apply the filter and select maximum ratings.
  • This will helps you to choose the best application.
  • Click and select the application.
  • Click on install.
How To Download And Use Data Recovery App
  • It will ask for the permissions.
  • Read all the permissions and click on download.
  • Open the application and select the folder for which the data needs to be recovered.
  • Click on recovery.
  • The recovery process will start.
  • Wait until the files get recovered fully.
  • Choose the data that you recovered and delete the remaining data.

Mobile deleted data recovery software free download

Mobile recovery can also be done by using a computer. We can connect our mobile with the computer to recover the lost data.

  • Google search for 7-data recovery software.
  • Select the primary link and open the web page.
  • Download the software from their website.
  • Select the download location of the software and click on download,
  • Install the software from the downloaded location.
  • Open the software and connect the mobile device with it.
  • Enable the connection between mobile and computer.
  • Select the device name on the software to enable the connection between them.
  • This will start the recovery of the data.
  • The entire recovered data will be displayed, delete the unwanted files from the recovery after backing up the essential files.They can be downloaded from their website.

How to delete saved data in your recovery

Every data that has been recovered using the recovery software is not necessary. Hence, to delete them follow the steps below.

  • The recovery folder will contain all the recovered files.
  • To delete them, open the software application and locate the recovered files.
How to delete saved data in your recovery
  • There will be a copy of all the files that have been recovered.
  • Select the files that you want to delete.
  • Click on delete to remove it.
  • These files will be removed from the main memory.
  • These files will move to the recycle bin.
  • If it is a large file, it will prompt you to delete it permanently.
  • Open recycle bin and delete from there to remove them permanently.
  • This is how the files are deleted from the recovery.

Deleted data recovery apk

Android platform has many recovery tools to retrieve the data. Follow and perform the steps below to recover the lost data from the smartphone.

How to download and use data recovery apk

  • Search for the skysoft toolbox in the google play store.
  • This will search and give the results for it.
  • Click on download app and install the application.
  • Allow the permissions required for installing the applications.
  • After installing the app, open the application.
  • Finish the initial setup of the app.
  • Search for the category from which the file needs to be recovered.
  • Click on recovery option and start the recovery.
  • The application will recover every lost file under the selected category.
  • Select the particular files which are in need.
  • Delete the remaining data.
  • This will save memory on your device.
  • Remove the deleted files from the recycle bin or trash bin.
  • This will permanently delete the extra files.
  • This is how data recovery app can be used.

Top Q&A for Delete Data Recovery

Does iPhone recovery mode delete data?

There is a possibility of losing data when you try to jailbreak or reboot the device into recovery mode.

  • Google search for the software download.
  • Download tiny recovery application for either windows or mac.
  • Install the software on the computer.
  • Connect the phone with the computer.
  • Open the installed software on the computer.
  • The software will automatically detect the mobile that is connected with it.
  • The software will open a window.
  • Select stop recovery option in that and this will remove your phone from the recovery mode.
Does IPhone Recovery Mode Delete Data

Does OneKey recovery delete data?

Onekey software by Lenovo comes as default on the laptop. This software is used to reset the platform to its factory settings.

Does OneKey recovery delete data
  • The main issue with the onekey is that it will delete the files
  • It won’t recover the data from it.
  • This onekey software is used if there is any problem with our laptop.
  • This software will delete all the files on the hard disk.
  • Except for some of the basic software settings, everything will be restored.
  • In the end, this does not back up any of the files.
  • Raw files are not restored in this software, so this is a major setback in this application.
  • This way of resetting can be avoided for recovery.

Does icloud account recovery delete data on the cloud?

Apple has launched a new feature in which it supports data recovery from the cloud services.

  • iCloud data that has been deleted permanently cannot be recovered.
  • However, files that are deleted before 30 days can be restored from the iCloud backup.
  • iCloud will have a backup of the deleted files for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Open the settings on iCloud.com and click on restore.
  • This option is available under the advanced settings.
  • It will restore the deleted data on the iOS device.
  • Search the file from the location where it was deleted.
  • The file will be present in that location.
icloud account recovery delete data on the cloud

How to find deleted video with mac data recovery?

A deleted file can be recovered from iOS cloud backup if it has been uploaded to it, but to retrieve it on the computer follow the steps below.

How to find deleted video with mac data recovery
  • Files that you delete on the Mac computer can be restored.
  • If a file is deleted, only then the entry gets deleted.
  • The actual file remains on the computer.
  • This file can be restored by using EaseUS Mac Drive Recovery software.
  • This software will let you get the recovered files back to the computer.
  • Open the software and click on restore.
  • This will restore all the deleted files from the computer.
  • Select the required files and remove the remaining data from

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