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Resolved: Computer Cyber Security

Computer Cyber Security is the process of protecting a computer network (infrastructure) and backing up of the information on a computer by applying security protocols. It protects computer systems from theft of hardware, software, and electronic data. It safeguards the computer network from disruption or misdirection of services they provide. Cyber Security also involves two major protection strategies:

  • Controlling physical access to system hardware.
  • Protecting the systems from harm through network access, malicious data, and code injection.
Computer Cyber Security

Sometimes, a data leak may occur by various methods of social engineering due to intentional or accidental malpractice by operators. Computer Cyber Security is used to avoid data loss and secure an infrastructure.

What is Cyber Security and Computer Forensics

Quantum Computer Cyber Security

The four main game plans involved in Computer Cyber Security are: Application Security, Information Security, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery.

  1. Quantum Computer Cyber Security is an advanced future technology because of the inherent speed and power it delivers to solve complicated problems.
  2. Quantum computer cyber security provides a dynamic technique for sharing cryptographic keys between remote parties with a high level of latent security.
  3. Encryption algorithms are safer if stored in Quantum computers rather than in classical computers. Quantum computers are susceptible to brute-force attacks and attacks similar to it.
  4. Quantum cyber security stands apart when it comes to safety. With the use of Shor’s algorithm, a machine could effectively safeguard the data centers.
  5. With the help of quantum computing, technology, experts have created a ‘one time pad’- a special encryption key that is unbreakable by any attacks.

Big Data in Computer Cyber Security System

Big data analytics offers cyber security experts the ability to evaluate data from multiple sources and data types. They can be implemented in real time. It is able to collect information from a vast area and also connect the marks between data. This helps the cyber crime specialists to handle cyber attacks efficiently.

Personal Computer Cyber Security

Personal computer cyber security is used to secure PCs, laptops, and other personal devices from cyber threats. It deals with both public and private computer networks. It also protects a network from unauthorized, illegitimate access and secures the virtual information, equipment, & services from infections.

What is the Difference Between Cyber Security and Computer Security

Computer Security

  • Security to computer software and hardware.
  • Includes both public and private computers.
  • Backup of emails and personal information.
  • Internal patching by hardening the software and hardware.
  • Includes the use of Firewall.

Cyber Security

  • More complicated than the Computer security.
  • Includes a wide range of technology measures.
  • Deals with all online and offline threats.
  • Safeguards data from data muggers and cyber criminals.
  • Requires more knowledge about advanced technology.

Which is Better Computer Science or Cyber Security

When compared, cyber security is far better than the computer science or computer security (as it is called). Cyber security includes the use of advanced technologies and is applicable to personal computers, private networks, public network infrastructures, and integrated systems. Nowadays, many data centers have adopted cyber security due to its inherent speed and reliability.

Which Type of Cyber Security Attack Targets a Computer Network Connection

  • Phishing- An attacker sends an email attachment containing malicious files from any of your trusted clients.
  • An SQL injection attack specifically targets a server that stores critical data for websites.
  • Cross Site Scripting is an attack that targets a website’s users and steals their data.
  • When a website is overloaded with more traffic than it is actually designed, a Denial of Service attack occurs.
  • Attackers target the session ID that bridges your network and remote web server and it is known as Session Hijacking.
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