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How To Resolve The Canon TS5120 Error Code 1687

Usually, if an error occurs while working on a printer, the error code will be displayed on the printer to alert you about the issue. This article covers the cause and solution to resolve the Canon TS5120 error code 1687. This is a support code that is displayed either on your computer or printer. 


This error code mainly occurs when the ink cartridges are not installed correctly on your printer. So as soon as this error code is displayed, check whether the ink cartridges are installed properly. If not, reinstall them correctly.

Reinstall the FINE ink cartridges

Canon TS5120 Error Code 1687

  • Turn on your Canon TS5120 printer.
  • Now, gently raise your printer’s scanner unit.
  • You can see the print head holder moving from left to right and vice versa.
  • Once the holder stops moving, locate the FINE ink cartridge slots.
  • Now, release the cartridge lock cover.
  • Remove the FINE ink cartridge from its slot.
  • Make sure not to touch the electrical contacts of the cartridge. 
  • Place the cartridge back to the printer immediately.
  • Make sure not to make any delay while replacing the cartridge.
  • Similarly, take the other cartridge and place it back into the slot.
  • While replacing the FINE ink cartridge, make sure to place it correctly.
  • Similarly, make sure that the cartridges are placed correctly in their slots.
  • Lower the cartridge locking cover followed by the scanner unit or cover.
  • Now, check if the error code 1687 is resolved by printing a test page.
  • If the printer prints the test page successfully, then the error code has been resolved.
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