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How To Do The Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 Setup?

Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 setup – It is a wireless all-in-one printer. It is an auto-duplexing printer. The printer uses an integrated ink tank system that has made refilling the ink tanks much easier.

Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 Setup

This article focuses on the Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 printer setup.

What’s in the box

Ink Bottles (Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta), Power Cord, Phone Cable, Safety and Important Information Guide and Getting Started Manual.

Unboxing the Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 printer

  • Take the Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 printer and other contents from the box.
  • Now remove the orange protective tapes from the printer.
  • Open the scanning unit and remove all of the orange protective tapes.
  • Now close the scanning unit.
  • Connect the plug end of the printer power cord to an electrical socket; connect the other end of the power cord to the printer’s rear end.

Steps to fill the ink tank

Steps to fill the ink tank
  • Open the scanning unit.
  • Go to the left side of the printer, open the black ink tank cover, and open the tank cap.
  • Gently twist the black bottle cap and remove it.
  • Align the bottle’s nozzle to the inlet and raise the ink bottle upside down.
  • Press down to pour the ink into the ink tank.
  • If the ink reaches the maximum level, remove the ink bottle from the inlet.
  • Replace the ink tank cap and close the ink tank cover.
  • Now, on the right side of the printer, repeat the same process to fill the other color ink tanks.
  • Close the scanning unit.

Steps to load paper

  • Remove cassette from the printer.
  • Slide the paper guides outwards to the edges of the cassette.
  • Align the front paper guide to the A4 or LTR mark.
  • Load a stack of paper and slide the paper guide to grab the paper stack.
  • Now, insert the cassette into the printer.
  • Finally, pull the paper output tray from the printer.
  • Now download the driver from the official website and install it on your computer.
  • You can also connect your printer to your smartphone using Wi-Fi Direct, for which you do not need a wireless router.
  • Now, you have completed the Canon MAXIFY MegaTank GX6020 setup.
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