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Issues: Canon Error Code B200

The Canon Error Code B200 error code is not the common error code that occurs often on the Pixma printer, but on almost all the Canon printers in the world. We have provided simple troubleshooting steps for the user.

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Canon Error Code B200

Easy Guidelines For Canon Error Code B200

Quick Steps to Troubleshoot the B200 Error Code

  1. Switch OFF the printer by pressing the Power button.
  2. Detach the cable from the power source.
  3. Remove the cable from the printer’s rear too.
  4. Pull open the cartridge access door.
  5. Remove the cartridges by lifting them.
  6. Do not put excessive force while removing it.
  7. Clean the printhead contacts with a wet cloth.
  8. Insert the printhead first and then the ink cartridges. Now, power up your printer.
  9. Run the “Auto Head Alignment” test print.

Detailed Instructions on How to Solve the B200 Error

  • Check and clear if any packaging material is found in the input tray, cartridge access door, scanner unit, output tray, and cartridges.
  • Open the front cover if it is closed. Disconnect the printer from the power supply by plugging out the power cord. Brin g the power cord’s connection back and turn the printer on again.
  • In some cases, you might observe an error which requires you to contact the service center. Then, the printer needs to be serviced.
  • Sometimes there can be an issue with the printhead too. Printhead is an important component and plays a significant role in printing your documents.
  • One of the main reasons for printhead errors is maintenance. Dust and other particles might get accumulated if not cleaned regularly.
  • Hence, it is advised to clean the component on a regular basis. Lift the top cover of the printer.
  • The cartridge carriage will automatically lift upwards. Take out all the cartridges from the cradle.
  • Lift the lever situated beside the cradle to remove the printhead. After lifting the lever, slowly remove the printhead. Re-insert the printhead back into its position and ensure that the lever is locked.
  • Install all the cartridges back into their respective slots and make sure the cartridge door is not open. After closing the door, you can ensure that the printer is ready.
  • Detach the printer cable from the power outlet and leave it unplugged for at least 5 minutes. This way, the printer starts to cool down and the remaining electrical energy is also eliminated from the machine.
  • Now, re-insert the printer. Now for the last step, clean the cycle or perform an extensive nozzle check if you still face an error. If any issues and queries for Canon Error Code B200 connect with our Expert’s..
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