Fix Canon Error Code 839 Scan To Email Issue

When you try the scan to email function on your Canon scanner, at times, you might receive the error 839. This error occurs due to incorrect email username & password, wrong email server settings, and improper authentication settings. It is quite easy to resolve the error. By reconfiguring the email and server settings, you can fix the error. Continue reading to know the steps involved in fixing the Canon error code 839.

Canon Error Code 839 Scan To Email

Common Email Settings:

  • On the printer’s display panel, select the Settings menu/icon from the home screen.
  • Choose Function Settings and select the Send menu.
  • Select Email/Fax Settings and then tap Communication Settings
  • Now, tap the E-Mail Address menu and enter your email address and select OK.
  • Enable the email server for your email account.
  • The printer supports POP (Receiving) and SMTP (Sending) servers.
  • Click the ‘On’ button to enable the server or the ‘Off’ button to disable the server.

Canon Scan to Email – For SMTP Receiver Server

  • Disable the POP RX, turn on the SMTP RX, and tap Next.
  • On the next screen, select Always SSL for SMTP RX to allow the device to receive the encrypted SSL data. This will not receive other data (non-SSL).
  • Choosing On for SMTP RX allows the printer to receive any encrypted data only when the sending host requests for it.
  • Set the suitable SMTP RX setting, turn off SMTP TX, and select Next to fix Canon error code 839.

Canon Scan To Email – For POP Receiver Server

  • Turn on POP RX, turn off SMTP RX, and select Next.
  • Tap POP Server, fill in the POP server address, and press OK.
  • Select POP Login Name, enter a name for POP, and tap OK.
  • Next, press POP Password, enter a password, and select OK.
  • If you set the POP Interval to automatic, the receiving emails will be updated automatically.
  • Keep the POP in ‘On’ state to send encrypted data and select Next. This supports only the encrypted POP server.
  • Following that, select POP AUTH as the authentication method for POP AUTH Method and tap OK.

Sending Data Without Authentication: Canon Error Code 839 Scan To Email

  • Enter the email address, tap SMTP Server, type the SMTP server address, and select OK.
  • Tap Next and choose ‘ON’ for SMTP TX.
  • Select POP and press Next.
  • Turn off ‘SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH)’ and ‘POP Authentication Before Send’ and tap OK. Now your Canon Error Code 839 Scan To Email issue is resolved.
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