Fix Canon Error Code 839 Scan To Email Issue

Turned on the printer for scan-to-email and placed the hard copy on your printer. Configured the scan settings and tapped Scan. The printer scanned the document but didn’t email the scanned copy of the original to the entered email address and displayed an error 839 on the screen. What does this error mean, and what should I do now to clear the displayed error and perform the scan to email operation successfully?

Well, the Canon error code 839 is received by many people, like you, when trying to perform the scan-to-email operation. You will see this error code on the screen if the credentials (user name and password) that are used for SMTP authentications are not set correctly.Check the credentials and settings and reconfigure them if necessary. In this article, we have outlined a detailed process on how to clear the Canon printer scan-to-email error code 839 by configuring the email settings on the printer. So, let’s get started!

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canon error code 839 scan to email

Canon Scan-to-email Error Code 839- Fixed- Step-by-step Instructions

Configuring the email communication settings is pretty easy with the Remote UI. Access your printer’s remote UI to begin the configuring.

Accessing Remote UI

  • Gather your Canon printer’s IP address.
  • Open a browser on the computer (to which you have connected your printer).
  • Type the printer’s IP address and tap Enter.
  • Choose the System Manager Mode or General User Mode/End-User Mode option on the opened screen.
  • Enter the credentials in the given fields to log in to the selected mode.
    Canon Error Code 839

Configuring Network Settings- Email

  • Locate the Settings Registration option on the printer’s Remote UI page and click on it.
  • Canon Settings Registration Option
  • Select the Network Settings- Email/-Fax Settings option and click Edit.
  • Now, enter your account’s credentials and SMTP settings in the corresponding fields.
  • SMTP Server: Enter the IP address or SMTP server name.
  • Email Address: Add the email address that you wish to use for your printer.
  • POP Server: Enter the email address that you wish to use for sending.
  • User Name: Type the user name for the specified email address (POP3).
  • Set/Change Password: Set a security key.

Configuring PoP Authentication Before Sending

  • Go to the Authentication/Encryption Settings section.
  • You can find two options below the section.
  • Use POP Authentication Before Sending
  • Use APOP Authentication
  • Before sending your email, if you want to use the POP3 server authentication, choose the Use POP Authentication Before Sending option.
  • Select the Use APOP Authentication option if you want to use APOP to encrypt your password.

Configuring SMTP Authentication

  • Below the Use APOP Authentication option, you can find Use SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH).
  • Select it if you want to enable authentication on your email account’s SMTP server.
  • Enter the server’s user name in the User Name field. Enable the Set/Change Password option and enter the security in the given field.
  • Configure other necessary settings correct and click OK.

    After reconfiguring the email settings, ensure to restart your Canon printer.

    To do so:

  • Switch off your printer completely.
  • Count for 10 seconds from the second the printer is turned off.
  • Turn on the printer and check if the Canon printer scan to email error code 839 is fixed by sending a test scan to email.

End Note

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