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Fixed: Canon Error Code 801 Scan To Email

Placed my document on the scanner glass or in the ADF. Configured correct Scan to Email settings and clicked Scan. The Canon printer scanned the placed original but failed to send it to the recipient’s email address and displayed an error code 801 on its screen. Why do I receive this error code, and how to clear it?

If this is your situation and you are looking for a solution, this article is for you. Recently, the Canon Printer error code 801 during Scan to Email is received by many people with their printers. This error code occurs due to five common reasons.

  1. A Timeout error occurred.
  2. The SMTP server returned an error.
  3. Choosing the incorrect destination.
  4. A file with the same name already exists.
  5. Either the folder name or password specified might be wrong.

You can resolve any printer-related problems after identifying the actual causes. Five common causes of the Canon printer error code 801 are mentioned above. Now, let’s see how to resolve this error code with simple troubleshooting techniques.

Solution For Canon Error Code – Scan To Email

Performing the following techniques one by one in the order below will resolve the Canon printer scan to email error code 801.

  • First Things First. Check the status of the network. If you find the network connection is unstable or poor, connect your printer to another active and stable network.
  • Next, check the SMTP server status using a web browser or telnet. Resolve the SMTP server problem if you find something wrong.
  • Ensure that the recipient’s email address, attachment, and destination are correct.
  • Check if you have resolved the error code 801 that occurs doing the Scan to Email function.
  • If the problem persists, check if the Scan-to-Email settings are correct because misconfigured SMTP settings might also lead to these kinds of errors.
  • Go to your printer’s remote access page to begin the reconfiguration.
  • To do so, open a browser on a computer (to which you have connected the printer).
  • Enter your Canon printer’s IP address in the address bar and tap Enter.
  • Select the System Manager Mode option, fill in the System Manager ID and System Manager PIN fields, and click Log In.
  • Now, the screen that looks like this will open.
  • Canon Error Code 801 For Scan To Email Function

  • Locate and click the Setting/Registration command line in the right panel.
  • Select the Send option below the Function Settings section.
  • Click the Network Settings – Email/Fax Settings link in the main panel under the Common Settings section.
  • Canon Error 801 Issue Resolved
  • Fill both the SMTP Server and Email Address fields with the correct details.
  • Select the checkbox next to the ‘Allow SSL (SMTP TX) and ‘Use SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH) options.
  • Fill in the User, Password, and Confirm fields with valid information.
  • Click the OK option at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Canon Error code Issue Fixed
  • Now, try the Scan to Email operation on your printer and check if the issue has been resolved.

Scan To Email Is Error-Free Now!

We hope that the solutions provided on this page helped you in resolving the Canon error code 801 during the Scan to Email function. We have your back covered. If you want further clarifications on troubleshooting techniques, contact our technical experts. All your printer-related issues will get resolved in a matter of minutes.

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