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Fix Canon End Code 752 Scan To Email Issue

When you’re trying to scan a document or picture to an email using your Canon printer and ends up with the error code 752, it’s frustrating. Although it can be difficult to fix the Canon error 752 scan to email, there are some steps you can take to fix it. Probably, there might be a glitch with the SMTP server settings, email server, or network connection. Try out these simple hacks and fix the error like an expert.

Canon Error Code 752 Error- Resolved

Check The Basics

In many cases, fixing the fundamentals can resolve the error code in the best way possible. These guidelines can help you solve the trouble efficiently.

  • First, check if you have loaded the originals properly on the scanner glass. If your printer has markings on the glass, follow them correctly while loading the sheets.
  • Ensure the driver is up-to-date. You may end up with a series of error codes if it is outdated. To get the recent driver, visit Canon’s official website and enter your printer model. Download the compatible software and install it on your computer.
  • Power cycling can fix many error codes on your printer. To do this, turn off the Canon printer and remove the power cord from its rear port and the electrical outlet. After a few seconds, reconnect the power cord to the appropriate ports and turn on the printer.
 Canon Printer Scan To Email

Check The Network Connection

If you are using a wired network connection for the printer, check if the Ethernet cable is properly connected between both ends because a loose connection could cause network problems.

  • For a wireless network connection, make sure the Internet is stable enough.
  • Suppose you find instability with your Internet. Try restarting the router and see if it can fix your trouble.
  • In some cases, disconnecting the printer from the network and reconnecting it to the same network can resolve your issue.
Scan To Email Canon Printer

Check If The Server Is Down

  • If the email server is down, you may end up with the Canon Printer Error 752. In that instance, you cannot do anything other than wait until the issue gets fixed. You can confirm this by sending a test mail yourself.
  • Once you ensure the issue is with the server, wait for a while and then try scanning your document to your email account.

Check The SMTP And POP/IMAP Server Settings

  • If you don’t configure the server settings correctly, you will end up with scanning issues and error codes.
  • Open the email client and check the SMTP and POP/IMAP server settings. In case they need any corrections, make the appropriate modifications. If you use a secure email service, ensure the appropriate encryptions are selected.
  • Reconnect your Canon printer to your wireless network and try scanning the document to an email.
Scan To Email Issues With My Canon Printer

Long Story Short

This is how to fix canon printer end code 752. In case you still cannot rectify the problem on your own, reach our technical experts via the Call button on this web page. They will connect with you and help you in real time to fix the trouble.

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