Fix Canon Scan To Email Error 801

Even if your printer has been set up properly, there is a chance for errors to occur. On this page, we’ll explain the causes and solutions for the Canon scan to email error 801.

Five Main Causes For This Error

  • Cause 1: Timeout error
  • Cause 2: The SMTP server error that occurs while trying to reach the destination server
  • Cause 3: No proper write permission
  • Cause 4: The file name already exists
  • Cause 5: Incorrect folder name or password
Canon Scan To Email Error 801

Solutions For The Error

Solution 1:

If your machine takes more time or fails to communicate with the SMTP server, check the status of your SMT server and the network. If you find any misconfigured settings, then correct them and try to email the scanned document again.

Solution 2:

Entering an incorrect destination address could lead the SMTP server to face Canon scan to email error 801 while trying to communicate with the destination server. In such a scenario, make sure that the SMTP server is working properly. Following that, check the status of your file server and network. Make sure that the settings of the destination server are correct.

Solution 3:

When you try to send a file for which you have no write permission, there is a chance for you to encounter this error. Check your address settings and reconfigure them if required.

Solution 4:

When you try to send a file, and a file with the same name already exists on the destination server, then you may encounter the scan to error 801. On the file server, change the file settings or send the file with another name.

Solution 5:

In case the folder name or password is incorrect, make the required changes in your address settings. Now, try to scan the document from your Canon printer and send it to an email address. If the Canon scan to email error 801 still persists, contact us.

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