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Troubleshooting Brother MFC-J475DW Printer Offline Issue

Brother MFC-J475DW is a compact wireless printer. It functions using the Inkjet printing technology. It has excellent print speeds of up to 33 ppm for black and 27 ppm for color. It supports auto-duplex printing and can be connected to a mobile device easily. If you are encountering Brother MFC-J475DW printer offline issue, follow the below steps to resolve the problem.

Brother MFC-J475DW Printer Offline

Verify Whether The Brother MFC-J475DW Printer Is Powered On And Error Free:

  • If your Brother MFC-J475DW printer is blank, check whether the printer is in sleep mode.
  • Check whether the Ink/Toner is empty or there is a paper jam in the printer.
  • Check whether the printer and computer are connected using a USB cable.
  • If it’s a network connection, check if the Ethernet cable is connected firmly.
  • Print a network configuration page and check if the printer is connected to your network.

Set as default printer:

Setting your printer as the default one will help you fix the offline issue. Here we have explained the steps to set your Brother printer as the default one on a Windows computer.

  • First, go to the Start menu.
  • Go to all apps and click Window System. Now, select control panel.
  • Click Hardware and Sound > Device and Printers.
  • Click Start > Device and Printers.
  • Check whether the Brother MFC-J475DW printer is enabled.
  • If you don’t see a green checkmark on your printer icon, right-click it and select Set as default printer.

Cancel all documents:

  • Open Control Panel on your computer, then go to Hardware and Sound > Device and Printers.
  • Right-click on your printer icon and select See what’s printing.
  • In the new window that opens, click Printer.
  • Select Cancel All Documents.
  • Now, restart your printer and computer and then check if the issue is resolved or not.

Restarting the print spooler service:

  • Press Windows key + R.
  • Type services.msc and click OK.
  • In the Windows services window, locate the print spooler service and click on it.
  • Select the option to restart the service.

Install the new update:

  • Click Windows Key + I.
  • Locate the update and security section.
  • Click on Check for updates.

Changing the printer properties:

  • Go to Control panel, then select Device and Printer.
  • Click on printer and select Printer Properties.
  • Go to port and select IP Address from the list.
  • Enable the SNMP status and click OK.

By following these steps, you can quickly resolve the Brother MFC-J475DW printer offline issue.


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