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What Are The Brother Utilities App Windows 10?

There are many types of utility apps available for the Brother printer. Each utility app performs unique functions to access the printer from a computer. The utility apps help to connect the printer to the wireless network, update the printer drivers, uninstall the Brother apps from the computer, etc. On this web page, we have explained some of the Brother utilities app Windows 10, which help you to connect the printer easily.

Brother Utilities App Windows 10

List Of Brother Utilities

  • Wireless Setup Helper.
  • Network Connection Repair Tool.
  • PaperPortTM Install Tool.
  • ControlCenter4 Update Tool.
  • Uninstall Tool.
  • Brother iPrint&Scan.
  • Software Update Notification Updater.
  • Status Monitor Update Tool.
  • Driver Language Switching Tool.
  • PC-FAX Receiving Update Tool.

How to download & install the brother utilities?

  • On the Windows computer, launch the default web browser.
  • Go to the official Brother support website.
  • Select the region on the home screen.
  • Click the Search by Product tab and type your Brother printer model number in the text field. Click Search or you can select your printer under the Search by Product Category column.
  • On the Downloads page, click the Windows radio button in the Select OS Family tab.
  • Under the Select OS Version tab, click the Windows 10 radio button, and then click OK.
  • Now, on the next web page, scroll down and locate the Utilities tab.
  • Under the Utilities tab, you can download the required utilities for the Windows 10 computer.
  • Once the utility download is complete, double-click on the setup file and install the utility on the Windows 10 computer.

About the Brother Utility:

Wireless Setup Helper:

  • The Wireless Setup Helper utility helps to find a secure network to configure the wireless network settings on the Brother printer.
  • It identifies your home network’s SSID and Network Key and makes it easy to connect the printer to the home network.

Network Connection Repair Tool:

  • The Network Connection Repair tool helps to restore the printing capability and reduce the user interaction with the printer.
  • It automatically locates and updates the IP address of your Brother printer within the printer driver.

Brother iPrint&Scan:

  • The Brother iPrint&Scan app is designed for iOS devices, but you can also use this app on Windows 10. Once the app is installed on the iOS device, you can print and scan easily.
  • To uses this app, you have to connect the printer and the iOS device to the same network.
  • By using Brother iPrint&Scan, you can print photos and documents easily on iOS mobiles.

Software Update Notification Updater:

  • Once the Software Update Notification Updater tool is installed on the computer, it gives the update notification for all the Brother software and firmware.
  • It won’t install the latest software, but it notifies you to update to the latest Brother software and firmware.

Uninstall Tool:

The Uninstall tool helps to uninstall all the Brother software and firmware from the Windows 10 computer, or you can uninstall a particular app from the Windows 10 computer.

These are the Brother utilities app Windows 10.


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