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How To Do Brother Printer Device Manager Windows 10?

Brother printer device manager – If you have no idea how to add a Brother printer to your Windows 10 computer, then you have visited the right page to perform it. Before you begin this process, make sure that you have completed your printer’s hardware setup process correctly. If not, perform it by referring to your printer’s user guide. Make sure that you have your printer’s driver file. If not, download it from your printer’s support page. You can also use the setup CD provided with your printer to perform the software installation. If you have downloaded the driver file, then make sure to extract it before starting the process.

Brother Printer Device Manager Windows 10

Step 1: Connecting the printer to your computer

Brother Printer – For Local connection

  • First, connect your Brother printer to the computer using an interface cable.
  • Power on your printer if it is turned OFF.
  • On your Windows 10 computer, click Start All apps Windows System Control Panel. 
  • Go to the Hardware and Sound section and select the View Devices and Printers option.
  • Click Add a printer The printer that I want isn’t listed Add a local printer or network printer using manual setup Use an existing port.
  • Select the USB00X port as the communication port. Proceed with the steps below to do Brother printer device manager for network connection.

Brother Printer – For Network Connection

  • Connect your printer to the network if it is not connected.
  • Go to your computer’s Control Panel section.
  • Click View Devices and Printers Add a printer The printer that I want isn’t listed (select this option even if your printer is listed)  My printer is a little order. Help me find it. 
  • Now, your computer will try to detect the available printers within its range.
  • Once the Brother Printer Device Manager Windows 10 has been detected, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select your printer and click Next.

Step 2: Select the Have Disk option.

Step 3: Click Browse > Open > OK.

Step 4: Select your Brother printer model name.

Step 5: Replace the printer driver.

If you have already installed your Brother printer driver on your computer, then you will see a message saying A driver is already installed. Select the Replace the Current Driver option to continue the process.

Step 6: Leave the default printer name as it is. 

Step 7: Select Printer Sharing Set as the default printer.

Step 8: Now, select the Print a test page option if required.

Step 9: Click the Finish button.

Step 10: Now, the printer driver file will be installed on your Windows 10 computer. If you have any further queries on Brother Printer Device Manager Windows 10, click the call button.

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