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How To Fix The Brother MFC 8890dw Printer Offline Issue?

In some situations, you might try to print from your Brother MFC-8890DW printer. But it might go offline. Before jumping into the solution, know the reason why your Brother MFC 8890dw printer offline.

Brother Mfc 8890dw Printer Offline

Check your Internet’s stability

  • Verify that the Brother printer is turned ON and there are no errors on the screen.
  • Make sure the Brother printer is connected to the computer properly.
  • Make sure your Brother printer is set as the default printer on your Windows computer.
  • Delete all the print jobs from the print queue.
  • If you see a copy of your Brother printer’s icon (with Copy 1), delete that device from the computer.

There are some methods that you can try to solve your Brother printer offline problem.Whenever you update your Windows OS, the Brother printer might go offline. This is not the only reason to bring your printer to an offline state. The fact behind the Brother printer showing an offline message is the connection problem.

Check the connection of your Brother printer

The printer will show an offline message when it is not appropriately connected to your computer, WiFi network, or router. Make sure all the cables are appropriately connected. Restart your printer and wait for a couple of minutes until the printer is fully ready.

Check your printer connection (Wireless or USB)

  • If it is a USB cable connection, make sure that the cable is plugged in properly and securely on your computer and printer.
  • If it is WiFi or wireless connection, make sure you are connected to the right network. The wireless light on your printer will be in solid-state if you are connected correctly.
  • Run a test print to know that your problem is solved
  • If your printer is connected properly and still the issue persists, then check the Brother printer status.
  • Your brother printer might not be set as the default printer.

Follow these steps to know the reason for the Brother printer being Offline.

  • Go to the Control Panel and open Printers and Devices.
  • Look for your Brother printer and right-click on it to open “See what’s printing.”
  • Right-click on the selected printer and click on “Set as default printer.” If still your Brother MFC 8890dw printer offline, then call us.


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