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Brother Mfc 7840w Printer Offline Problem

When using a printer, there are many issues encountered by the users. “Printer offline” is one of the common issues that is faced by many users. This problem occurs when your printer is turned off or encounters an error while performing the print operation.

Brother Mfc 7840w Printer Offline Problem

This page covers the simple and quick troubleshooting methods to fix the offline printer issue on Brother MFC-7840w.

  • Turning on your printer If you encounter the “offline printer” error when performing the print operation from your computer, check whether the printer is turned on. Turn on your printer if it is turned off. In case your printer fails to turn on even after pressing the Power button, then check whether its power cable is connected securely at the ends. If not, reconnect the cable and turn on the printer. 
  • Clearing the error messagesBasically, when the printer encounters an issue, an error message indicating the same will be displayed on its screen. So, check whether any error message is displayed on your printer’s screen. If yes, clear it by performing the necessary troubleshooting methods. 
  • Connecting the printer and your computer Usually, to perform the print operation from your computer to the printer, both the devices should be connected. So, check if your Brother MFC-7840w printer and the computer are connected together over a USB, wireless, or wired connection. If not, connect them together and then check the status of the printer on your computer.
  • Setting up your printer as the default If you’re encountering an offline printer error on your Windows computer, then check whether the printer that you’re using for the print operation is configured as the default one. To check it, go to your computer’s Control Panel window and click Hardware and Sound. Now, in the opened window, select the Devices and Printers option followed by your Brother printer. Right-click on the printer and check whether the Set as default printer option is selected. If not, click on it. Now, check if the Brother MFC-7840w printer offline issue is resolved by printing a test page from your computer.
  • Reinstall the printer driverIf you have installed the wrong or outdated version of the printer driver on your computer, then there is a chance for the offline printer error to occur. In this case, reinstall the printer driver to fix the offline printer error.
  • Restart the printer and your computerThe restart process will help you resolve some start-up issues on your printer and the computer. So, restart the printer and your computer.

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