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What Is The Best External DVD Drive For Windows 10?

External DVD drives are gaining popularity because new computers are not equipped with internal ones. There are some excellent DVD drives available for a wide range of users and these drives are classified according to the operating systems (and other factors). Let us discuss a couple of the best external DVD drive for Windows 10

Best External DVD Drive For Windows 10

ASUS Lite Portable USB 2.0

ASUS provides a compact and portable DVD burner, which functions with 8X speeds. This drive is a convenient backup solution and it safeguards all of your files using encryption technology. Double security is guaranteed for your files.

There is a drag-and-drop interface available and it can be used for simple burning within a few seconds.

The ASUS Lite Portable USB 2.0 SLIM External Drive comes with a stylish design and offers good value for your money. Its entry price is quite low and all these characteristics make this portable external Drive one of the best in the market.

LG 8X Multi Ultra SLIM GP65NB60

This drive will get your job done as cheaply as possible. There is no other DVD drive available at this price range. It comes with a simplistic look and functions using a single cable. It is also very slim and the Cyberlink software and M Disc compatibility are welcome additions to this drive.

This external drive from LG is entirely compatible with all modern PCs, and so it can be used with your Windows 10 operating system.

Another advantage of this external DVD drive is that it is relatively quiet. Of course, other expensive drives offer Blu-Ray support and USB 3.0 speeds, which you cannot find in this external DVD drive from LG. However, on the whole, this LG product is cheap, efficient, and ensures that your work is done effectively. So, we have discussed two of the best external DVD drive for Windows 10 system.

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