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How To Get The Best External DVD Drive For Mac>

Apple stopped manufacturing Mac computers with a built-in CD/DVD drive since 2008. To overcome this issue, Apple sold an external optical drive named SuperDrive. It can read and write CDs and DVDs. You can connect it to your Mac computer’s USB A-port with the supplied USB cable. However, there are more external drives better than Apple’s USB SuperDrive. Continue reading this page to know how to get the best external DVD drive for MAC.

Before you proceed to opt for an external drive for your Mac, consider a few things given below.

  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Size
  • Noise
  • Build quality
  • Cable-operation
best external DVD drive for MAC


For an external DVD drive, speed determines the performance. The read and write speeds of an external driver must be high to get better performance. You have to consider the USB version of your external DVD drive. It is recommended to choose the DVD drives that support the USB 3.0 version. It is because the USB 3.0 version is far better and faster compared to USB 2.0. However, it may be backward compatible with the older USB versions. Also you may get best external DVD drive for MAC.


Before purchasing an external DVD drive, make sure that it is compatible with your Mac computer. The latest updates for Mac do not support some external DVD drives. So, check the system requirements. Moreover, all external DVD drives are compatible with the Mac operating system.


It is always recommended to choose a portable DVD drive that can be used when you need them on business trips. Choose only lightweight, slim, and compact DVD drives for your MacBook.


It is one of the major factors to be considered while purchasing an external DVD drive. You should check if your external DVD drive includes noise reduction technology.

Build quality:

Though the size factor of an external drive is important, you should be aware of build quality as well. Even if the unit of the external drive is made of plastic, it can still be durable.

Cable operation:

Almost every modern external drive comes with a single-cable operation that does not require any power source. In some cases, you may need an extra Y cable for older MacBooks. Finally you get best external DVD drive for MAC.

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