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How To Fix The AOL Mail Login Issues?

Similar to other emails, AOL Mail is designed to send and receive emails over a web browser. AOL Mail offers the same features that other email service providers offer. But, if you want an email account that is free and easy to learn and use, you can go for AOL Mail. Creating and accessing the AOL email account is a simple and effortless process. However, when signing into the email account, there are some issues encountered by the users. On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the AOL Mail login issues.

AOL Mail Login Issues

Try to sign in again

If you’re encountering the AOL Mail login issue for the first time, try to sign in again and check whether the sign in problem is resolved or not. In case the “re-sign in” process fails to fix the login issue, try the advanced methods given below to fix it.

Advanced Methods

Method 1: Resetting the web browser settings

When using one or more web browsers on a computer, there is a chance for the browser settings to change automatically. In this case, reset the settings of the browser that you’re using to access AOL Mail.The following instructions explain how to reset the Google Chrome browser’s default settings.

  • On the main screen of the Chrome browser, click on the More option.
  • Select Settings > Advanced.
  • Now, go to the Reset Settings or Reset and cleanup section. Next, click on the Restore settings to their original defaults or Reset Settings option followed by Reset Settings.
  • Similarly, reset the settings of the browser that you’re using.
  • After restoring the browser’s default settings, try to sign in to your AOL Mail account. If the login issue persists, try the next method given below.

Method 2: Resolving password problems

If the “Invalid Password” message is displayed on the login screen, try these troubleshooting instructions to fix the issue.

  • Check if you have entered your AOL Mail account password correctly in the given field. If not, re-enter it correctly and then try to sign in again.
  • Make sure that the Caps Lock and Number Lock buttons are turned off on your computer’s keyboard.
  • If you have changed your email account’s password recently, update it on your browser’s autofill settings. In case you fail to do it, the old password saved in the browser settings will overwrite automatically in the Password field.
  • Try to sign in to your AOL Mail account from another web browser. If you’re able to sign in to your account from another web browser, the problem is with the browser. Update the browser, if available. Also, enable the Java Applet Scripting and clear the cache data to fix the browser problems.
  • If necessary, reset your account password.

Method 3: Clearing the browser’s cache

Sometimes, the unwanted cache data stored on your web browser may also cause AOL Mail login problems. To fix it, clear the cache data of your browser.*Note: In the next section, we’ve taken the Mozilla Firefox browser, for example.

  • On the main screen of the Firefox browser, click on the Menu button.
  • Select Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data.
  • Now, a pop-up dialog box titled Clear Data will appear on the screen.
  • In the opened dialog box, select the Cached Web Content option by clicking the checkmark beside it.
  • Click Clear.
  • Now, your AOL login issues should be resolved.

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