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How to Set up your Devices?

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Laptop Setup


We provide you with complete solutions for all your laptop needs. Is your laptop not turning on? Is your laptop running slow? Are you getting frequent issues with your laptop? No matter what your problems are, our experts are capable of fixing them.


Learn how to set up and manage your email account efficiently. Get detailed information on how to back up your emails and photos, change the recovery phone number, fix the attachment error, and much more through our straightforward solutions. 

How to Setup Email
How to Setup Printer


Sometimes, you might need expert guidance to set up your printer at your office or solve your printer issues at crucial times. Get in touch with us; get complete guidance in fixing your printer problems within a matter of minutes.


Streaming online from TV has now become easier than ever before! There are many ways to stream online content directly from your TV. Are you getting an unexpected error while streaming your videos? Learn the solutions for it from this page.

Streaming Devices



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Several factors can impact the Internet connectivity on your laptop. However, the most common reasons might be incorrect configuration, faulty drivers, Wi-Fi adapters, and DNS or IP addresses. With our simple solutions, you can quickly rectify the problem.


Are you frustrated with the unwanted pop-ups? The major reason behind every pop-up message is a third-party application. In fact, app developers make money through these Ads. Open Chrome and turn off pop-ups and redirects. For guidance, reach our technical experts.


If you run too many programs simultaneously on your computer, the performance might be reduced. Also, it will slow down your process at some point. In general, the major causes behind the slow performance of a PC are malware, 3D graphics, and insufficient RAM access.


If you want to stop your computer from freezing, you should always maintain it properly. Do not install any unwanted third-party software. On a regular basis, scan your computer with trustworthy antivirus software and also keep the drivers updated to avoid computer freezing.


Due to faulty hardware, corrupted driver, virus infection, or system failure, your PC restarts repeatedly. Disable fast startup, uninstall latest updates, and unplug unwanted peripherals. If you can’t fix the problem, restore your computer to an earlier point.


If you can’t open your email attachments, you should check your Internet connection in the first place. Try to log in to your email account from a different browser. If necessary, disable the proxy settings and firewall on your computer to fix the issue.


Keeping the drivers up-to-date is always a good idea. Are you looking for the latest drivers or the procedure for downloading the driver? We provide you with the latest drivers, utilities, firmware, and patches for your devices at no cost.


If a specific app stops responding, open Task Manager. End all the tasks running on your computer and check if the problem is rectified. If not, scan your computer for viruses, clear temp files, perform an SFC scan, and update the drivers.

How to Setup Hard Drives?

We provide technical assistance for the top hard drive brands.

Western Digital


If you are new to using a laptop, unbox it and place it on a table. Connect the laptop to a power supply using the provided power cord and let it charge completely. Then, turn on the laptop and wait for it to boot up. Select your preferences such as language, region, date, and time. Carry on with the installation and accept the license agreements. Enter your email credentials and create a PC login password to complete the configuration.

Make your life digitized with Western Digital’s creative storage solutions. Western Digital offers a wide range of solutions to showcase your creative talent and let you travel in the journey of this technologically equipped world. Streamlining your business and personal workflow has become easy with Western Digital. The storage solution is a fantastic invention for creative users of various fields.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro is an ideal solution for those looking for a solution to digitalize their memories. If you are a creative photographer or a professional videographer, then My Passport Wireless Pro is the uncompromising choice.

It has a spinning platter with a thin magnetic coating. The head in the spinning platter moves over it to write 0’s and 1’s as tiny areas of magnetic North and South.

Seagate provides various hard drive models for customer requirements. It is a great choice as it includes backup and recovery software to handle your data in the best way possible. The performance and standby time speak prominently through daily usage. Moreover, Seagate external hard drives are an excellent storage solution to have your computer, mobile phone, or tablets photos securely under a single device.

With the help of Plex, you can use the My Passport Wireless Pro as a streaming device from your smartphone to TV and watch movies without a drop in the network connection. Now you can simply organize, edit and share the media files using this storage solution and can connect to the cloud app and access files from where you are.



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Driver And Manual – How To Setup

Driver Guidelines

  • Drivers are essential pieces of software that act as interpreters between the hardware and the Operating System.
  • Drivers are indispensable for the proper functioning of your computer. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep every driver on your computer updated.
  • There are multiple ways to install the drivers. Some devices might automatically be recognized by your operating system, and it will install the appropriate driver by itself.
  • In other cases, you might have to install the drivers manually. Printers and external webcams usually come with an installation CD for installing the driver. In such cases, you can use the CD to install the appropriate driver.
  • If your computer doesn’t have a CD drive, you can get the appropriate software from the manufacturer’s official website. 
  • Select your Operating System and download the compatible driver. 
  • Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted to choose a location to store the file. 
  • Your download will begin and you can monitor the estimated time for that from your Browser.
  • The time required to download the software completely depends upon the size of the file and your Internet connection speed. 
  • Once you download the compatible driver, you can go ahead with the installation procedure. Locate the downloaded software in the Downloads folder and run the setup file. 
  • Go ahead with the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.

User Guides

  • User manuals or guides are documents usually delivered with your laptop, computer, or other peripherals. They contain information valuable to the end-users. 
  • A user guide primarily focuses on setting up, installing, and troubleshooting the product. You can locate it in the package your device came with.
  • User manuals help you locate the various parts and their function using brief and focused descriptions. Some guides tend to offer illustrated or pictorial descriptions of the parts to help users to identify them easily.
  • The basic product information provides valuable information to identify your laptop or computer. This includes a set of features and any reference numbers to identify your product.
  • Safety and cautionary advice include recommendations on handling your laptop or computer. It includes preventive measures and warnings to avoid hazards and injuries.
  • Every device is susceptible to errors. The user guides contain the manufacturer’s advice on how to resolve these issues. Troubleshooting and how to set up tips in the user guide help you fix errors in a perfect manner.
  • The Table of Contents section enables you to access the user guide efficiently. Another helpful feature of a user manual or guide is its Index page. The Index page collates all occurrences of a particular keyword with the page number. You can use the Index to locate all information regarding a specific functionality of your product.


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