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Learn How To Setup Your Devices?

Laptop - How to Setup


We provide solutions for all your Laptop needs. Any problem in your how to setup Laptop such as Power problem: PC running slow, computer freezes, app not responding and more. Dial us now.

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Email - Howtosetup


Find out how to setup and manage your email account. Get to know about how to backup emails, Recovery phone numbers, Cant download email attachments, photos backup and so on

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how to setup printer


Sometimes you need a little help to get the best solution for your printer issues. We will guide you completely how to fix your printer problem in a minute. Choose your printer model first.

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best streaming device


Streaming TV is now easier than ever! There are lots of ways to stream online content directly to your Television[TV]. Which streamer do you actually need to get to binge watch your top tv picks?

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Make your life digitized with Western Digital’s creative storage solutions. It is unbelievable that Western Digital offers a wide range of solution to showcase your creative talent and let you travel in the journey of this technologically equipped world. Streamlining your business and personal workflow is now easy with Western Digital. The storage solution is an amazing invention for creative users of various fields

Let’s see now, the benefits of owning My Passport Wireless Pro in the Western Digital storage solution. If you are a creative photographer or a professional videographer, then My Passport Wireless Pro is the uncompromising choice for you

With this, you can delay the motion-capture according to your convenience, edit and stream photos or videos of high-definition quality. It contains an inbuilt SD card reader that helps to work seamlessly with mobile devices

The primary features of this My Passport Wireless Pro are, it has a great Wi-Fi performance such that the network connection is interrupted seldom. It comes with 802.11ac technology that lets you experience a fast performance of image streaming and wireless transfer.

Anytime you can offload the device and copy the photos or videos from the SD card with the SD 3.0card reader provided in it.The battery can last long up to 10 hours even if you use it throughout the day. It allows a quick data backup even if the battery is on the edge

Not only the My Passport Wireless Pro works as an external hard drive storage solution but also functions as a 6400mAh power bank which is built in to charge your mobile phones or tablets

With the help of Plex, you can use the My Passport Wireless Pro as a streaming device from your smartphone to TV and watch movies without a drop in the network connection. Now you can simply organize, edit and share the media files using this storage solution and can connect to the cloud app and access files from where you are:

  • To be too precise and straight to the point, these are the specifications and features that might impress you to buy this My Passport Wireless.
  • Import media using peripheral USB devices.
  • Connected to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Access to external USB storage on a Wireless network connection.
  • Stream up to 8 videos all at the same time.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and can be launched with a simple connection – how to setup.
  • Wi-Fi password protection to safeguard your photos, videos, and other important files through the Drive lock option.
  • Uses a non-relying Wi-Fi hub that shares the internet connection up to 8 various devices.
  • Dual wireless band support to cover signal over large areas for both Wireless AC and N devices.

Coming to the technical specifications of the My Passport Wireless Pro, it has three modes of network connectivity-Wi-Fi, SD card slot, USB 3.0. The storage capacity of the device ranges from 1TB to 4TB.



Driver And Manual – How To Setup


Driver Guidelines

  1. Drivers are essential pieces of software that act as interpreters between the hardware and the operating system.
  2. How to setup process instructions assigned from the operating system to be completed according to their specifications.
  3. Drivers are needed for many components such as display adapters, optical drivers, graphics cards, touchpad, touchscreen, audio, webcam, Bluetooth and peripherals such as printers, mouse, and keyboards.
  4. There are multiple ways to install the drivers. Some devices might automatically be recognized by your operating system and it will install the appropriate driver by itself.
  5. In other cases, you might have to install the drivers manually. Many peripherals such as printer or external webcam include a CD for installing the driver. In such cases, you can use the CD to install the appropriate driver.
  6. If not, you can download the driver for your laptop or computer from this website. For Windows, your file will download in .exe format. For Mac, your file will be in .dmg format.
  7. Make sure to download the driver that is compatible with your computer and your operating system.
  8. Before your download begins, your browser will prompt you to choose Run, Open or Save. Selecting Run or Open will launch the driver installer immediately after it downloads.
  9. Selecting Save will store the driver installer file on your laptop or computer. Choose Save.
  10. Depending on your browser settings, you might be also prompted to choose a location to store the file. If so, choose the location.
  11. Your download will begin. You will be able to view the estimated time remaining for the download to complete in the Downloads bar of the Browser.
  12. The time required for the Download to conclude depends on the size of the file required and the speed of your Internet connection.
  13. The greater the size or the slower the internet connection, then the longer it takes to download the file.
  14. Once your download is complete, you can launch the installer from the Downloads bar of the browser or the Downloads folder of the computer.
  15. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation and how to setup on the laptop or computer.

User Guides

  1. User manuals or guides are documents usually delivered with your laptop, computer or other peripherals. They contain basic information that the manufacturer believes will be valuable to the end-users.
  2. You must be able to locate the user guide in the package in which your laptop or computer was delivered in. If not, you can download the user guide or manual for your computer or laptop from this website.
  3. User manuals help you locate the various parts and their function using brief and focused descriptions.
  4. Some guides tend to offer illustrated or pictorial descriptions of the parts, to help identify them easily.
  5. They might also provide the various symbols imprinted on your laptop and computer button and provide an explanation of their functions.
  6. User Guides include: basic product information, safety and cautionary advice, how to setup, installation, troubleshooting, and customization.
  7. The basic product information provides valuable information that helps you identify your laptop or computer. This includes set of features and any reference numbers to refer to your product.
  8. Safety and cautionary advice include recommendations on handling your laptop or computer. The best practices while using them to prevent damage to the laptop or computer and warnings to avoid hazards and injuries to oneself.
  9. The user guide offers how to setup instructions that include unboxing, connecting it to a power source, completing the software installation, and assigning preferences.
  10. All devices are susceptible to errors. The user guides contain the manufacturer’s advice on how to resolve these issues.
  11. Troubleshooting and how to setup tips in the user guide help resolve errors, that might have multiple causes and ways of solving, in a structure and logical fashion.
  12. Contemporary laptop and computers can be customized to the user’s preferences and the user guide might offer instructions on this.
  13. To make accessing all this information the user guide comes with a Table of Contents. The table of contents categorizes all the information in the user guides and solutions you easily locate it.
  14. Another useful feature for the user manual or guide is the index. The Index collates all occurrences of a particular keyword with the page number.
  15. You can use the index to locate all information regarding a particular functionality of your laptop or computer.

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